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Live a day full of adventure, explore and have fun, in one of the best theme Park in Cancun! Ventura Park offers the best attractions, so that you and your companions can be part of a world of fun with different options for everyone.

Feel the adrenaline and live the exciting experiences on the different attractions that Ventura Park has for you. The park is divided in different sections or "worlds": Wet and wild, Underworld, Aah!Ventura, Gran Prix, Fun World and Dolphinaris

In Wet'n Wild you can find attractions like Twister (2-person inner tube on a twisting slide), Kamikaze (steep speed), Bubba Tub (Giant inner tube as you slide down 6 floors with surprising dips and a refreshing landing), Double Space Bow (slides down a spine-chilling 50-foot at a rousing 30 mph).

Lazy River: Over 330 yards river for chilling out floating along calm waters
Wave Pool: Swimming pool with waves up to 1 yard high

Kids Park: A place with pools and games for the little ones.
Wet Bubble: Climb to the top of the bubble and be rewarded with a fun slide back down that ends with a splash

In Aaah Adventure you can find attractions like Tarzania (Combination of Rollercoaster and Tyrolean of more of 250 meters) Zip line Madness (Caribbean Zip - Traverse across the entire park at an impressive height of 80-feet on this 4 zip-line circuit, River zipline - (Two row of zip lines will take you in a tour over the Lazy River, at 250 meters away), Hell Jump (Controlled jump at 20 meters height), Scape Challenge -Skywalk North/South ( 2 circuits of 6 suspension bridges), Netland (A circuit of 9 hanging bridges surrounded by nets)

In Fun World you can find attractions like hurricane (Roller Coaster with crazy twist that will make you feel like in real hurricane) Carrousel (Enjoy the most popular attraction of your childhood, full of tradition and color, the little ones will love it), Crazy Chairs (Have fun in the heights over a swing that will make you rotate, at the same time you will enjoy a spectacular sea view.

In Grand Prix** you will find the best race track, so you can get out the pilot you have inside, dare to break your own challenge of speed, run in a closed circuit 250 meters, lifting a speed of 25 km/h, available Go Kart- Simple and Double.

In Underworld** you can find a vision to the future, travel and have fun with the extraordinary High Tech, at incredible virtual reality games room, will take you to live amazing adventures, Laser Tanks (Bumper Cars with laser, experience the action in a real battle) The Mission (Become a secret agent, show your skills by challenging the Laser maze, where your best weapon will be your strategy way to escape), VR-Evolution (Be part of a real battle, Live to the fullest your senses with the latest in virtual reality technology, you will be surprised!) Star Wars Battle Pod (If you are a star wars fan you will not be able to resist, join the war)

I would recommend this tour, depending on what ticket you buy, if you get the total, it is a fun time with different activities. If you are just going for the water slides, there is only 5 or 6.
Score: Recommend: YES

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