Wild Dolphin Tour in Sian Kaan

  • Wild dolphin tour in Sian Kaan in Ascension Bay

Visiting Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve is a wonderful experience for any nature lover. This tour takes us to Sian Ka’an basin search of the exotic creatures that inhabit it, including hundreds of species of birds, manatees, thousands of colorful tropical fish and a pod of wild dolphins.

Now, do be aware that if you’re taking this tour from Cancún you will be departing very early, before sunrise, and the road to Sian Ka’an is about three hours long. But, if anything that we mentioned in the first half of the paragraph got you excited, then don’t hesitate: this tour is worth the early morning.

The tour begins at Pesca Maya Lodge where we get to meet our guide. Local guides know the reserve better than anyone and they will share with us a brief introduction to Sian Ka’an and its inhabitants. There will also be a brief introduction to snorkeling so that everyone feels comfortable and safe in the water. After this, its onto the boat and off to adventure!
We begin with the search for wild dolphins. The pod of dolphins that inhabits the bay permanently know us and they usually come close to us as they are curious to meet us. However, as with all wild animals, there can not be a guarantee that we will see any of them, but the dolphins do come close to us on at least 90% of tours. This is the best opportunity you will have in the Mexican Caribbean to meet these curious and charismatic animals in the wild; don’t forget to bring your camera or GoPro ready for action.

After these magical encounters we will carry on in search of sea turtles, birds and any other surprise that we might come across. Here it is possible to find several species of sea turtles, manatees, crocodiles and a myriad of exotic birds from pelicans and frigates to flamingos, eagles and all sorts of colorful parrots.

The last stop in the tour is one of the reefs in the reserve to meet its colorful underwater denizens. Snorkeling in this reef you’ll come face to face with all its tropical fish, lobsters, sea urchins, starfish, and incredible coral landscapes. Upon returning to the Lodge you’ll be treated to a delicious Mexican lunch and a spot to lounge by the beach, or explore the house reef near the shore if you prefer. Once your day is over we will take you back to your hotel feeling tired but happy and with a heart full of new memories to cherish.

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This tour is by far worth the experience. It´s very authentic and not gimmicky. The people are so hospitable and kind. Felt like such an honor to join them in their world and enjoy the beauty around.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Redding, Ca
May 14, 2021

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