Dolphin Ride

  • touch, kiss and get to know them
  • Interact with the friendly dolphins
  • swim with dolphins programs
  • Pet, hug and kiss them
  • learn dolphins communication skills
  • dolphins explanation
  • doplhin swim
  • riviera maya dolphin adventure

Swim with our dolphins and let this wonderful friends give you a ride.

Dolphin Ride is a program where our guests will have a great time with the dolphins in the water and on a platform. Visitors will swim freely with the dolphins, play with them and as an important part of the program they will also get a big dolphin kiss among other activities

10 participants per group.

The outstanding part is when you get on a ride around the pool held in our dolphins to enjoy the Dolphin Ride!


Punta Cancun (Dreams Cancun Hotel):
Monday to Sunday: 9:00, 10:15, 11:50, 12:50, 14:25,15:25 and 17:00 hrs.

Interactive Aquarium Cancun:
Monday to Sunday: 10:00,12:00,13:00,14:00,15:00,16:00 hrs.

Puerto Morelos:
Monday to Sunday: 8:30,10:00,11:30, 13:00,14:30,16:00 hrs

Playa Mujeres (Dreams Playa Mujeres Resort):
Monday to Sunday:8:30,10:00,11:30, 13:00,14:30, 16:00 hrs

Riviera Maya:
Monday to Sunday: 8:30,13:00,14:30 and 16:00 hrs.

Xel-Ha Park:
Monday to Sunday: your activity will be scheduled upon arrival at the park.

Overall rating: (14 Reviews)

The cost of the pictures was really high.
Score: Recommend: YES
from WI
Jul 3, 2019
Dolphin tour was very organized & fun. Instructors were very knowledgeable & patient with our group as beginners. Definitely recommend!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Baltimore,MD
Jun 11, 2019
My best friend and I did the dolphin ride and it was so cute. You get to see the dolphins do tricks plus do the ride. I do not usually pay for pictures but trust me it is worth it. My dolphin kiss picture is the cutest.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Boston, Ma
Aug 2, 2018
I was actually stunned by the prices of the photo/video package, as own cameras are not allowed and you'll really need to buy from them to keep the memories. But the experience is worth the expenses so we purchased them and I have no regrets as this is really in my bucket list and I'm glad we did it.
Score: Recommend: YES
from California, USA
Nov 21, 2017
This was one of the most amazing days of our lives, it's so emotional being so close to the dolphins, this is a day we will never forget.
Score: Recommend: YES
from England
Oct 16, 2017
Great experience! Would highly recommend it. Although they could drop the prices on the picture packages!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Norman, OK
Aug 15, 2017
Loved it beautiful animals
Score: Recommend: YES
from Houston, TX
Sep 22, 2016
Best thing I ever did
Score: Recommend: YES
from York uk
Sep 14, 2016
Great experience. Dolphins are trained better than the men I date. Lol. Seriously it's a wonderful experience. Went to fast for me! !
Score: Recommend: YES
from Florida
Jun 10, 2016
Good one for all ages above 5 yrs
Score: Recommend: YES
from SanJose,CA
Jan 19, 2016
It was Very nice activity! Thank you
Score: Recommend: YES
from Nagoya Japan
Nov 29, 2014
I totally recommend this to all my friends and family
Score: Recommend: YES
from Las Vegas
Aug 21, 2014
This was amazing! You gotta try this if you are in Cancun! Trainers are excellent, and make it fun for the entire family!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Salt Lake City, UT
Oct 14, 2013
An excellent tour, great value for money and the guide was punctual!
Score: Recommend: YES
from London, UK
Aug 14, 2012

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Interactive Aquarium Cancun No hotel pick up Transportation available. See Additional info
Includes entrance to Ferris Wheel
Participant: $109 $90.00 USD

Riviera Maya No hotel pick up Transportation available. See Additional info
Participant: $119 $99.00 USD

Punta Cancun No hotel pick up No hotel pick up
Participant: $109 $92.00 USD

Xel-Ha Park No hotel pick up
Participant: $109 $90.00 USD

Puerto Morelos No hotel pick up Transportation available. See Additional info
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Kids: $119 $99.00 USD

Playa Mujeres No hotel pick up No hotel pick up
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Kids: $109 $92.00 USD

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- Only kids up to 100 cms tall

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