Rio Secreto Expedition

  • Rio Secreto (underground River) tour
  • Rio Secreto Bycicles Wild Tour
  • stalactites and stalagmites
  • Underground river
  • Cave adventure
  • Rio Secreto Rappel
  • Hike and swim through rare underground river
  • mysterious and truly spectacular
  • step back in time
  • All Natural Rio Secreto
  • stunning underground river

Put your wetsuit, helmet with a special lamp and wet shoes and get deep in a cave, walk and swim in an unforgettable scenario, a world wonder where you will experience a journey through an stunning underground river with thousands of stalactites and stalagmites

Enjoy a fantastic experience in one of the most incredible locations in the Riviera Maya that begins at the moment you arrive at the Natural Reserve where you will be greeted by our highly trained guides and equipped like a professional dive master. You will put on a wetsuit, helmet with a special lamp and wet shoes.

At Rio Secreto (Secret River), you will experience the silence of a world below, crossing for an hour and a half through the crystalline water museum. Filled with a kaleidoscope of speleothems, walk an easy 600 meter route amidst the thousands of stalactites and stalagmites found in this protected natural reserve. This is an underground adventure like no other!

After the tour, you will be provided with an excellent lunch of light foods and have a chance to relax at this great natural habitat.

Frequently Asked Questions

How thick is the wetsuit?
It is 2.5 to 3 millimeters thick.

If I don’t know how to swim, can I still take the tour?
It is not required that you know how to swim. You only need to know how to float. The in-water portion of the tour is very brief and shallow. In addition, you will be aided by your life jacket and wetsuit, which help you stay afloat.

What is the temperature of the water?
The water is cool, with a temperature of 22º C to 24º C, or 69º F to 75º F. However, our visitors wear neoprene wetsuits and life vests t

Great adventure!
Score: Recommend: YES
Anonymous from Oklahoma City
Ari was a fantastic tour guide! He did everything and was an incredible speaker in both languages. Very knowledgeable, entertaining, friendly, and fun. Not only did he help us through the cave and other activities, he even brought us tortillas during lunch, cleaned eveyone’s tables, and drove everyone home! He’s the best tour guide we’ve ever seen anywhere in the world and he deserves a promotion! Thank you, Ari!
Score: Recommend: YES
Alison Schwartz from Kansas City, KS
Was great. Our guide was amazing.
Score: Recommend: YES
Anonymous from Sulphur, Oklahoma
This is a DO NOT MISS experience.
Score: Recommend: YES
Andrea H from Washington State
It was awesome my family and I enjoyed very much will be back soon. Beautiful peaceful place.
Score: Recommend: YES
Carlos Rocha from San Diego CA.
Felipe and David are awesome, friendly and on time. Gustavo the guide is great, shared a lot of info.
Score: Recommend: YES
Anonymous from Los Angeles, CA
The whole tour was so beautiful and Mich the guide was phenomenal. So much knowledge and passion for what he does. I was an experience I will never forget.
Score: Recommend: YES
Anonymous from Portland, Or
Fantastic adventure. Our guide Felipe was amazing. Photos are much too expensive, we would have bought a photo for $15 but not $25. 2 for $25.
Score: Recommend: YES
Anonymous from Charlotte NC
Alfredo was AMAZING. He was passionate, knowledgeable, and all around excellent.
Score: Recommend: YES
William Jamhoury from New York, NY
I would have liked to purchase the pictures of our adventure but $25.00 for one picture too expensive.
Score: Recommend: YES
Vince Clements from Sacramento, Ca
We loved Benito! He was a wealth of information! The terrain is a bit intense, so I used a walking stick and it saved me several times. Next time we are back in the area, we will do the tour again but a different part of the cave system. It was THAT cool!
Score: Recommend: YES
Laurel from Oregon
Rio Secreto was amazingly beautiful! So glad we decided to go on this tour. Bus ride over was nice & comfortable as well (Tour bus with AC & bathroom). Absolutely no complaints; completely satisfied!
Score: Recommend: YES
Erica Labelle from Vermont, USA
Great tour.Knowledgeable guide. Lunch was great!
Score: Recommend: YES
Grant Cooke from Ladysmith, BC
Our tour guide Vickey was awesome!
Score: Recommend: YES
Anonymous from Palm springs,CA
We enjoyed with the tour. Julian is a excelent guide
Score: Recommend: YES
Roberto Posso from Quito - Ecuador
Excellent service from beginning to end
Score: Recommend: YES
Anonymous from Los Angeles, CA
Great experience and a wonderful sight to see. Highly recommended to those who have never seen a cave before. Nature at its beauty!!
Score: Recommend: YES
Anonymous from Eastvale, CA
The tour was amazing
Score: Recommend: YES
Kristen M Dingle from New Jersey
The only complaint I have is that the constant photography was distracting to say the least. You are trying to maneuver through the water and you have the photographer constantly asking you to pose. I would definitely make my feeling known about no photography if I venture into another cenote since it was very intrusive while you are trying to enjoy the experience.
Score: Recommend: YES
Anonymous from North Attleboro, Massachusetts
This was incredible. Santi was extremely knowledgeable and entertaining
Score: Recommend: YES
Wendy J from Woodbridge,VA
Love this tour!
Score: Recommend: YES
Katherine Clark from
The terrain in the cave was a little rougher than expected, but it just made the tour more adventurous.
Score: Recommend: YES
Neal Alexander from Acworth, GA
Awesome experience. The guide was great & the group was relatively small which was nice - 7 of us. The experience in the cave was absolutely amazing! Great job!
Score: Recommend: YES
Anonymous from Las Vegas, NV
Excellent tour and transportation. A must-do!
Score: Recommend: YES
Jen Flohr from Andover, MA
The staff there where very nice and friendly I loved everything about rio secreto. It was a really great place to visit. On top of that the caves were awsome
Score: Recommend: YES
Cathy from Richmond CA

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