Xplor Tour

All Inclusive Adventure Park

  • Xplor undergroud rivers
  • Canopy Xplor Riviera Maya
  • Cenote landing ziplines
  • One of the higher zip lines
  • Water landing canopy
  • Suspension bridge ATV
  • Two zipline circuits
  • Underground rafts padding in the river
  • Amphibious vehicle drive
  • Crystal waters river
  • Lunch included in Xplor Restaurant

Experience an unforgettable day at Xplor Park filled with thrilling adventures amid astonishing underground wonders like cenotes, caves, and rivers. Soar through the treetops on one of Mexico's most breathtaking zip-line circuits. Discover why Xplor is the preferred destination for thrill-seekers visiting Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

At Xplor, you will find yourself at the helm of amphibious vehicles, driving through the lush jungle and meandering caves. You'll take flight on 13 thrilling zip lines, offering you a unique perspective of the lush surroundings with the Caribbean Sea as your backdrop. The adventure also includes suspension bridges, slides, and exhilarating landings in cenotes.

The excitement continues as you explore a captivating underground cave system adorned with remarkable rock formations. Navigate a paddle raft through a 600-yard circuit, each turn revealing the stunning subterranean world that unfolds before your eyes. The adventure isn't just about the rush; it's about witnessing nature's artistry at its finest.

One of the highlights of your Xplor adventure is the "Stalactite River Swim." In this 430-yard journey, you'll be equipped with a life vest and helmet, allowing you to gracefully swim in the tranquil waters while observing the intricate stalactites and stalagmites that have formed over centuries. It's a serene yet mesmerizing experience that connects you with the geological wonders hidden beneath the earth's surface.

Xplor offers an all-inclusive tour that ensures you have a seamless and memorable adventure. The package includes round-trip transportation from Cancun or the Riviera Maya and unlimited access to a delicious buffet and refreshing beverages to keep you energized throughout your exciting day.

Xplor Park is a place where adventure knows no bounds. It's a world of exploration, adrenaline, and natural beauty, all wrapped into one unforgettable experience. If you possess an adventurous spirit and enjoy the extraordinary, Xplor is the destination that will not disappoint. Dive into a day of awe-inspiring adventures and create memories that will last a lifetime.

So much fun worth the price the food and drinks were really good and enjoyed the wildlife definitely will do this the next time I'm in the area
Score: Recommend: YES
Sarah from Boise, ID
Xplor tour was great, my girlfriend and I had a blast at this park. One complain is the helmet. Please consider sanitizing it better by allowing it to dry completely. It smells very bad.
Score: Recommend: YES
Johnny Hung from Hacienda Heights, CA
It was a lot more then we expected. We all had a lot of fun. The only thing that we found could use some improvement were the restrooms and locker rooms were. The smell there was pretty bad.
Score: Recommend: YES
Anonymous from Farmersville, Ca
This place was absolutely amazing. The park was exceptionally clean, service and food were excellent and well worth the money.
Score: Recommend: YES
Anonymous from New Jersey
Wish there were a lot of drinking fountain when you go to the zip line area. Once you get inside, yiu can't go out and it's at least 1 hour and 30 minutes of walking, hiking/climbing stairs and ziplining without water. We only saw 1 drinking fountain towards the end.
Score: Recommend: YES
Anonymous from Los Angeles, CA
Amazing adventure
Score: Recommend: YES
Edwin Pabon from Fort Lauderdale, FL
Long wait times for photos to be processed
Score: Recommend: YES
Sam on from
Fun adventurous park
Score: Recommend: YES
Anonymous from San Jose, Ca
Great tour!
Score: Recommend: YES
Anonymous from Chicago, IL
The video package was somewhat disappointing on the ziplines. Wouldn't recommend that expense
Score: Recommend: YES
Bruce from UK
Had a wonderful time at Xplor...would love to go back.
Score: Recommend: YES
Anonymous from clyde, NY
Picked up on time, good price!
Score: Recommend: YES
Anonymous from Liverpool England
It was awesome!
Score: Recommend: YES
Daniel Zuniga from Indio California
We loved every minute of our experience at Xplor. The lunch was as good as any all inclusive resort. All of the activities exceeded our expectations
Score: Recommend: YES
Ashley Nelson from Charlotte NC
It's very happy time.
Score: Recommend: YES
Anonymous from toronto
It was the most amazing experience I strongly recommend
Score: Recommend: YES
Veronica Amaya from Colorado
Good experience but takes 3 buses to get there and they do not mention this in advance!
Score: Recommend: YES
Anonymous from Brussels, Belgium
Everything great!! I recommend and would book my activity through Cancun Adventure again!!
Score: Recommend: YES
Jesus Ruiz from Kentucky
Nice experience
Score: Recommend: YES
Anonymous from Florida
Loads of fun for this 63-year old grandmother! Kept up with my 21-year old granddaughter and her college friends! First time doing any of the activities and photos are great! Definitely will be one of my fondest memories!
Score: Recommend: YES
Vickie Barnes from Farmers Branch, TX
My friends and I had so much fun! There was a good amount of people but not too much where you had to wait in such long lines. We were able to get everything we wanted done, as well as eat too! Highly recommend! It is worth it!
Score: Recommend: YES
Anonymous from Los Angeles, CA
Forcing people to wear masks through waterfalls so they get soaking wet and then requiring them to wear that soaking wet mask the rest of the day is essentially waterboarding your guests. Use some common sense. Masks and water dont mix. Additionally, some of your staff was very nice, but some were VERY rude. I have been waiting to visit your park for 11 years and I was very disappointed.
Score: Recommend: NO
Anonymous from
Lots of fun, not too busy and full of excitement!
Score: Recommend: YES
Jaimie Schmidt from Hesperia, CA
Xplor was awesome. Everything was clean, employees are helpful and the food was great. My suggestion if you can, get there early to beat the long lines later in the day. Otherwise 5 stars.
Score: Recommend: YES
Anonymous from Florida
We had a blast but did not get to finish all the activities. Enjoyed the buffet. Staff adhere to COVID safety measures.
Score: Recommend: YES
Lisette Garcia from OC, CA

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