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Scuba Diving in MUSA

Immerse yourself in the underwater world of the Mexican Caribbean in an extraordinary adventure, you will visit the Underwater Art Museum (MUSA) and explore the diversity of marine life in the Natural Reef, both of them inside the federal protected area.

Departs from: Cancun (Hotel Real Inn Cancun)

Duration: 4 hours approx.

$90 usd From: 88 usd View Tour
Scuba Diving

Discover the amazing experience of diving in the Great Mesoamerican Reef, the largest reef in the western hemisphere and the second largest coral reef in the world.

Departs from: Cancun (Real Inn Cancun hotel)

Duration: From 3 hours

$95 usd From: 93 usd View Tour
Whale Shark Snorkeling

During summer, groups of the biggest of all sharks congregate in Caribbean waters near Cancun. Swim next to these giants in an out-of-this-world thrilling adventure you will never forget.

Departs from: Cancun (Hotel Real Inn Cancun)

Duration: 7-8 hours approx.

$175 usd From: 163 usd View Tour
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