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New Testing Requirements for USA-bound Travelers

New testing requirements for USA-bound travelers

On January 12, 2021 the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the US issued a regulation that that will require that any traveler flying into the US, regardless of their citizenship, must present a negative covid test taken no more than three days before their flight departure. This regulation takes effect on January 26th will last for the remained of the Covid pandemic or December 31st, 2021. In the unlikely case of having tested positive during your visit or someone who has priorly recovered from Covid-19 and meets the criteria to end isolation, “documentation of recovery” will be necessary. This documentation consists of a letter from a healthcare provider or public health official stating that you are cleared for travel. This order applies to any person over 2 years old that travels by air to any part of the US or its territories.

Similar restrictions were already in place for flights to the U.K., Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, and Colombia.

So what does this mean for my plans?

While this doesn’t outright restrict traveling it has understandably added another layer of worry for travelers during this already convoluted time. However we are pleased to inform you that the local businesses are already on top of it. The Cancún Hotel Association, AMResort group, Grupo Xcaret, Grupo Presidente and ASUR have already announced measures to facilitate testing for visitors.

AMResorts which includes all Secrets, Dreams, Breathless, and Now resorts and Grupo Xcaret have already separately announced that they will start offering in their hotels the antigen testing to tourists flying to the US at no extra cost and coordinating offsite PCR tests at additional cost. Both kinds of tests are accepted for flying to the US, although other countries might only accept the PCR test. Both groups have also announced plans to cover the cost of quarantine stay for any guest that tests positive to Covid-19 while on the property until they are cleared for flight. This policy is currently valid on any travel through March 2021. Grupo Xcaret will also offer testing facilities at all their parks, however these are optional and have a cost of $19 USD.

Meanwhile, the Cancún, Puerto Morelos and Isla Mujeres Hotel Association has announced a partnership with local drugstores to open testing sites at hotels. Over 1,000,000 tests have already been guaranteed for this program that will begin on January 23rd, 72 hours before the beginning of the new regulation. The tests offered at these hotels will have a cost of $299 Mexican pesos or $15 USD.

More recently ASUR, the corporation in charge of Cancún International Airport announced that it will begin offering rapid testing at testing facilities in the airport to prevent anyone from missing their flight due to lack of testing.

So I Can Travel?

Yes! And more safely than before too. While the CDC recognizes that testing is not infallible this new measure will add an additional layer of security to prevent importing active cases and reduce risk of transmission during travel. Meanwhile, the efforts from local companies to bring testing to hotels mean that it will be easy and cheap to have the tests done in a timely manner before your flights.

The Mexican Caribbean continues to strive to make this the safest destination for tourism in times of Covid and has once more proven capable to meet the strictest requirements for safety; just one of many reasons why we are a perfect destination for 2021.

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