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COVID-19: Visiting Cancún, is it safe?

After officially reopening its doors to visitors on June 8th, Cancún and the Riviera Maya have steadily made progress to return to normality. With safety measures in place everywhere in the city it has been possible to receive visitors again in the safest manner possible. And now, since September 7th Cancún and the Riviera Maya have been on a “yellow” level of alert due to the Covid-19 pandemic, meaning that most places have reopened to some extent (although the night life remains asleep for now).

For those of you visiting us from other countries, the Epidemiological Risk Assessment used in Mexico works on a color scale indicating different levels of risk for Covid-19 contagion. The 4 colors are: Red (total lockdown), Orange (small-scale partial reopening, this is where we have been for the last couple months), Yellow (medium-scale reopening) and Green (back to normal)

With the safe reopening of beaches, archaeological sites and most of its world-class resorts Cancún has once again proven its commitment to containing and preventing the spread of coronavirus for everyone’s sake.

So, is Cancun safe to visit?

Yes, as safe as it can possibly be to travel in 2020. Traveling anywhere during this pandemic, internationally or not, is a risk; that being said if you feel comfortable flying with the right precautions, Cancún is indeed one of the safest destinations to travel this year. And it’s not just us saying this.

This safety comes as a result of the impressive and unrelenting efforts that the local government, companies, and individuals have put into creating and following strict sanitary measures. Starting with the Mexican Caribbean Clean & Safe Certification, which over 6,000 companies have applied for, a program that certifies tourism service providers that  “aims to maintain the highest sanitary measures for the prevention and containment of COVID-19 and generate confidence among guests, partners, and the community”, according to Dario Flota, Director of Quintana Roo’s Board of Tourism.

In fact, it was this program that ensured that Cancún was the first place in the American continent, and one of the first 7 in the world, to receive the “Safe Travels” global safety and hygiene stamp from the World Travel & Tourism Council. Just as impressive is the fact that Xcaret Eco Park became the world’s first company to obtain that certification as well.

And unlike other destinations where locals have opposed reopening, the people of Cancún have continued to embrace it. Tourism accounts for 90% of this state’s income, so when plans to reopen were announced, locals rejoiced. People here will welcome you with open arms and plenty of hand sanitizer. From the moment you arrive at the airport and all throughout your stay you will never not feel safe, as following strict hygiene measures is the main condition that the government put in place for reopening. So either local companies exercise great care, or they’ll be unable to be open.
It is important to be aware that if we all do our part we will not only keep the Risk at yellow level, but eventually move it to green for a complete and safe reopening of the Mexican Caribbean and it’s many attractions.

The following are some of the measures that remain in place for visiting the beaches:

  • Maximum guest capacity will be 60%
  • Open from 9am to 5pm only
  • Controlled access: visitors must join in the entrance queue, keeping the minimum safe distance between other guests. In order to access the beach they will need to use hand sanitizer and have a temperature of 37.5C or less (99.5 F)
  • At this time groups are limited to a maximum of 5 people

Similar measures also remain present in places like archaeological zones, resorts, restaurants and even shopping malls or other public spaces. Although they vary depending on the place these general measures include decreased guest capacity, social distancing measures, temperature monitoring, and thorough disinfection protocols. We recommend you contact your place of stay as well as activities you’re interested in before your trip to familiarize yourself with the new safety protocols they are following.

You can find more information at official sources:

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