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Tulum and Xel-Ha All inclusive


Overall rating: (72 Reviews)

Ernesto was our guide for Tulum and did a wonderful job, he was very informative, lots of personality and we will always remember the iguana falling out of the tree! I highly recommend this trip, after walking around Tulum for 2 hours, the Xel-Ha park was very refreshing. For next time, I would bring a water camera or water proof phone case. Wasn't sure I would be able to snorkel, but I got the hang of it! So much fun, and food was included! I would definitely do this trip again. Score: Recommend: YES Mar 25, 2020
Great trip, I'll do it again next trip for sure. Very professional service all day. Score: Recommend: YES Feb 2, 2020
Many and varied activities. Helpful staff. Plenty of equipment. Misleading maps. Clean site. Abundant food. Minimal changing opportunities. Score: Recommend: YES Jan 20, 2020
Good information at Tulum Score: Recommend: YES Nov 29, 2019
Tulum was so informative and Xel-Ha was so fun Score: Recommend: YES Jun 20, 2019
Awesome! Only challenge was some difficulty knowing which bus to get on at the bus stop outside the hotel. Even the bus driver said it was not the right bus the first time I asked. Maybe signage in or on the bus would be helpful. Score: Recommend: YES Apr 3, 2019
lots of fun, loved the all inclusive, the problem is always that the day moves so quickly so 2 hours in tulum turned out to be a shame. The ruins were small enough to explore with time to spare, but we didn't get to explore the town. You also wouldn't want to miss out on any time at Xel-Hal, since there is an amazing variety of fun things to do while there. Score: Recommend: YES Mar 31, 2019
Fun time. Score: Recommend: YES Mar 1, 2019
Highly recommend Xel-Ha, a great snorkel place. Also, you can explore the quiet cave and dip in the fresh water from Zip-line. Score: Recommend: YES Nov 30, 2018
The tour to Tulum was very informative but I felt the time to see the ruins was a little short. We had to rush to cover the area and take pictures. Score: Recommend: YES Aug 19, 2018
Mayan Ruins: The tour was nice but there were so many other tours going on at the same time it was hard to keep track of my group, I caught myself listening to the information provided by the other tour guides in regards to the Mayan ruins history. I wish that there was more time to shop at Tulum by the bus stop because I didn't see any other shops like that during the tours. Xel-Ha All inclusive: The food and drinks were great, as well as all of the other activities Xel Ha had to offer. However during snorkeling there was a lot of algae which made the water look dirty, and the goggles kept on fogging which made it worse. The coral reefs were damaged because people were resting on it, it would be beneficial to tell people not to touch it. Score: Recommend: YES May 31, 2018
The Tulum tour was extremely hot and it was so crowded it was hard to hear our guide. The grounds were amazing though and definitely worth the trip. Xel-Ha was amazing! Score: Recommend: YES May 30, 2018
Great experience, tour guides were friendly and knowledgeable Score: Recommend: YES May 4, 2018
I think Tulum and Xel-Ha should be done in different days. I wish i could have done more things in xel-ha. It is such a big park and i got to do so little. Score: Recommend: YES Apr 27, 2018
Fantastic Tour! We thought it might be too long of a day, but it turned out perfect. Just enough time at both places. Score: Recommend: YES Apr 19, 2018
Thoroughly recommend this tour it was a long day but totally worth it. Initially it was a little confusing trying to find the correct bus etc. as we were picked up then taken to another station which wasn't clear however it improved from then. Tulum is breathtaking and Xel-Ha was more than I could have imagined. If you're wanting to explore the Mayan Ruins and then have a bit of water fun after this is the tour for you. Not to mention the all inclusive drinks and food! Score: Recommend: YES Apr 16, 2018
My boyfriend, Wale, and I did this on the first of our spring break trip. BEST MONEY SPENT!!! Tulum was beautiful and our tour guide, Fabian, was excellent. Our favorite part was Xel-Ha! Great tasting Miami vices, great authentic Mexican food, snorkeling, zip lining, tubing!! Just a wonderful time. Recommend 100%!! Score: Recommend: YES Mar 26, 2018
I liked everything except the crowds and the annoying Vendors both of which is out of your control. Otherwise, the ruins where very educational and Xel-Ha River ride was fun. I had a big grin on my face the whole time. Score: Recommend: YES Mar 23, 2018
Everything about the tour was great except that it took about 12 hours, which was longer than expected, and thus was very exhausting. Score: Recommend: YES Mar 6, 2018
The buses had comfortable seats and functional air conditioning.There were English speaking guides which is good because my Spanish is very limited. The ruins at Tulum made for an interesting cultural experience. I highly recommend Xel-Ha tons of fun in the water and sun, and all you can eat and drink, including booze. Score: Recommend: YES Feb 28, 2018
Edwin was a great tour guide. Score: Recommend: YES Feb 6, 2018
Views of Tulum were spectacular, beach area was beautiful. Xel-Ha was great for snorkeling, saw a variety of fish. Score: Recommend: YES Jan 12, 2018
It was amazing!! Score: Recommend: YES Jan 2, 2018
The tour exceeded my expectations. The trip was organized. Our groups were split into English and Spanish speakers. No words can express how beautiful Xel-Ha is compared to other water parks. Coming again and using Cancun tours is a no brainer. Score: Recommend: YES Nov 18, 2017
Ton of fun! Score: Recommend: YES Nov 8, 2017
Had a great time. Score: Recommend: YES Oct 24, 2017
The tour was great. Got picked up by the bus at our resort on time and was transported to a central pickup location. It was all very organized and timely. The tulum section could have been better, the guided section was too short to my liking. Xel Ha was amazing but it would have been nice to arrive there earlier. Score: Recommend: YES Sep 11, 2017
The Tulum and Xel-ha tour were a great investment! The ride down there from Cancun was very relaxing on the air conditioned bus. We had two hours at Tulum which gave us a ton of time to explor and go down to the beach. It's hot there so going to axel-ha right after and getting into the cool water was perfect! All you can eat and drink is provided at Xel-ha and the food was excellent! We inner tubed and snorkeled down the river which started in mangroves. It was so beautiful and seeing all of the tropical fish was really cool! There were so so many things to do at Xel-ha so it offers a great variety of activities for the family. We have now convinced our whole family to go on vacation next year and we will definitely be taking them to Xel-Ha! Score: Recommend: YES Aug 9, 2017
great tour guides, well versed and knowledgeable. Score: Recommend: YES Aug 1, 2017
Our time in Xel Ha was excellent. It would have been nice to have more of it in Tulum without tram delays. Score: Recommend: YES Jul 27, 2017
Awesome experience! Score: Recommend: YES Jun 3, 2017
With it being our first trip to Mexico, we were nervous about leaving the resort for the excursions. We were very impressed with how organized the tours were and would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to do any kind of excursions and we will use them again on our next trip. Score: Recommend: YES May 26, 2017
Had a good time Score: Recommend: YES Feb 22, 2017
While the tour guide was very knowledgable about Tulum I feel he spent way to much time talking. I would have like more time to explore the ruins. Score: Recommend: YES Jan 27, 2017
We enjoyed the excursion and thought it was a great value for the cost. The drivers were especially professional and did a great job. Score: Recommend: YES Jan 10, 2017
Very fun. Worth the money for sure! More time at Xel ha would have been nice as well as food before hand, we were tired and starving by the time we got there. Score: Recommend: YES Dec 9, 2016
Great tour.. I wish it was longer to enjoy the beach at the ruins before leaving to Xel-Ha Score: Recommend: YES Nov 15, 2016
Had lots of fun tour buses were clean and staff friendly. The food was awesome and comes with drinks. Score: Recommend: YES Sep 10, 2016
It could have had better scenery. Score: Recommend: YES Aug 3, 2016
Wanted more information from my guide. Needed to speak better English. Waited a long time to get into the ruins. Score: Recommend: YES Jul 30, 2016
Wonderful Score: Recommend: YES Apr 28, 2016
Beautiful locations, well worth it! Score: Recommend: YES Apr 28, 2016
We had our 2 year old and 6 year old. We took a stroller, so it was hard for us to keep up with the tour guide. We didn't get to hear much of the information about the ruins in Tulum. We enjoyed Xel Ha. I think if we would do it again, we should have only done Xel Ha alone all day. Tulum is too hot and not quite interesting for the very young kids. Score: Recommend: YES Apr 17, 2016
Awesome customer service,staff is 100 % dedicated and kind we couldn't be happier with our experience thank you so much for a great adventure we will see you again next year !!! Score: Recommend: YES Apr 13, 2016
We love everyone! Score: Recommend: YES Mar 23, 2016
Perfect amount of time at Tulum and Xel-ha! Buffet at Xel-ha was so good. Tour guide was very knowledgeable and gave us the perfect amount of free time at Tulum. Score: Recommend: YES Mar 16, 2016
The tour is a nice introduction to one of the ruins in the area. The time in Tullum was quite condensed and it would have been nice to have had another half hour or so. Xel-Ha immerses you in the incredible vegetation found throughout this part of the world. The snorkeling was alright. If you've snorkeled other places you may be a bit disappointed by the visibility and limited variety of fish fish. It is however a great place to introduce younger children to the sport. Definitely take the time to walk the surrounding paths thru the area. Fantastic scenery and little hidden gems throughout the park. A lot to fit in a day but a wonderful time. Score: Recommend: YES Feb 27, 2016
I loved both Tulum and Xel-Ha. If I had it to do over again, I would not try to do both in one day. I was left feeling that I had not gotten enough time at either site. Score: Recommend: YES Feb 14, 2016
Even with some of the Xel-Ha activities being unavailable due to rough seas, we were still able to find enough activities to keep us occupied. Tour team were well organised, informative and on hand to assist if needed. Score: Recommend: YES Feb 6, 2016
Tulum was beautiful and not to far away from Playa Del Carmen so definitely with the trip! Xel-ha was by far our favorite activity! Food was amazing and gotta love the open bar! Zip-lining and snorkeling was the best! Can't wait to go back again :) Score: Recommend: YES Feb 3, 2016

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