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The exciting night of the Blue Crab

Cancun has many different faces which come together to offer the natural beauty of what is truly a Caribbean paradise with different ecosystems, exotic vegetation and great variety of animal species. One of these animals is the blue crab.

About the blue crab

The blue crab can grow as big as 14 inches is one of the biggest specimens. Adults have blue-gray color, mature females have red highlights on the tips of their pincers and weight up to a pound or more.

Blue crabs are herbivorous, as most of the species feed on fruits, mangrove leaves and coconuts. They often live in mangrove swamps, coconut trees and muddy beaches, and can be found inland. Crabs tend to dig caves and hide during the day and at night they leave their burrows and are very active.

The reproductive cycle is linked to weather and moon phases. During the rainy days the crabs begin migration. Most females can be seen carrying their eggs externally. After about two weeks the eggs hatch and should be released in salt water, the typical development time from birth to the first crab stage adult is approx. 42 days.

September is the month when they go emerge from their hiding spots and begin to make a dangerous trip towards the ocean to lay their eggs.

Many years ago their way from the mangrove forests of the Nichupte Lagoon and surrounding areas, was easier, only had to worry about their natural predators ( raccoons, coati and armadillo among others) Now it's a dangerous game. Because this journey happens solely on their instincts, the crabs often take the route that is buzzing with cars and buses and face the dangers of getting killed. 

Therefore, Many of the locals and tourist come together every year to help the crabs make their way to the sea, and we can help them! 

If you are traveling to Cancun during this time of the year, you may get lucky and get to be a part of this noble cause to lend a hand in the protection of the environment, is an unforgettable memory for many.

What do you need ?

- Wear comfortable clothes
- Wear garden gloves
- A flashlight
- Dustpan
- Buckets
- Insect repellent

The most important “Be an animal enthusiast”

This is other amazing wild life examples you can find in Cancun and Riviera Maya come and be a part of this this wonderful blue crab season and enjoying natures greatest treasures!