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Snorkeling in Cancun

Scuba diving and snorkeling tours in Cancun

The turquoise waters of the Mexican Caribbean are good for more than just a beach day. The Mesoamerican Reef, the world’s second largest barrier reef begins in Cancún and continues South across the entire Riviera Maya and far beyond, all the way down to Honduras. Those who take the plunge into the sea here will be rewarded with the unforgettable beauty of the underwater world; as the thriving coral reef and dazzling schools of colorful tropical fish await you under the waves.

Or jump into the dark, mystical waters of the Mayan’s sacred cenotes where you’ll have the unique opportunity of adventuring into the depths of our planet with its intricate rock formations and awesome vistas. Whether you’re an experienced scuba diver or entirely new to scuba and snorkel you’re bound to have the adventure of a lifetime.
With comfortable temperatures in the water year round, great visibility that can reach upwards of 200 feel, and a great variety of dive sites, this slice of paradise has earned its reputation as a world-famous scuba destination.

Snorkeling in Cancun

Let’s begin with the simpler things: snorkeling. Anyone that can swim can snorkel! You can snorkel in the Mesoamerican Reef Barrier or Cancún’s and Cozumel’s multiple other reefs for an unforgettable day of marine adventures, or the Museum of Subaquatic Art for a different, unique experience. After all, where else will you find an underwater museum featuring several hundred sculptures that are slowly turning into an artificial reef, it is something you cannot miss.

You could also visit the cenotes for a truly one of a kind snorkeling experience, admiring the rock formations carved over eons and stunning displays of sunlight entering the caves.
Incredible animal encounters are also available for snorkelers: book a tour with us to visit Akumal, the land of turtles, for the opportunity to snorkel amongst dozens of peaceful sea turtles in their natural habitat. If you’re looking for a bigger thrill, why not try the biggest fish in the world? Between the months of May and September you can take a tour to snorkel side by side with plenty the mighty whale sharks in the waters North of Isla Mujeres. We can say without exaggerating that this may be the best animal encounter of your lifetime.

Scuba in Cancún

Let’s take a deeper dive now (pun intended) and talk about scuba in Cancún. If you’re new to the sport, you came to the right place, the seas here are friendly to beginners and divers of any levels can access the gorgeous reefs here. More experienced divers can sign up for more advanced dives like trying one of Cozumel’s world-famous wall dives or a wreck dive in Cancún, Puerto Morelos, or Playa del Carmen.
Experienced scuba divers need to seize the opportunity to dive in a cenote. No other dive in the entire world can compare to this experience. Plunge into the cool, dark waters of the Mayan underworld to explore the inside of our planet. You will be left awe-struck by the intricacy of the formations that the water has carved out of the limestone. The water in the cenotes is so clear that you will feel like you’re flying, and when the sun shines into the caves in the right way you will see what heaven looks like with the incredible display of laser-like beams of light that contrast the total darkness of the caves.
So it doesn’t matter if you’re here for a day, a week, or a month, if you’re into water activities you will have more than enough ways of satiating your need for adventure and you will return home with a load of new and incredible memories from your vacations in paradise. Now you know it, so don’t wait any longer and book your adventures right now!

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