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Xplor Adventure Park

Xplor Adventure Park is a gathering point for adrenaline lovers and a must-do for thrill-seekers on vacation in Cancun and Riviera Maya. Conveniently located just a couple kilometers South of Playa del Carmen, next to Xcaret EcoPark, Xplor offers a day’s worth of exciting adventures to those who visit, or an evening’s worth of thrill for those who dare conquer the darkness in Xplor Fuego. Step inside if you’re brave enough to face the challenges this park has in stock for you.

What to do In Xplor

Xplor is perhaps somewhat different to other theme parks in Riviera Maya in that it has fewer activities to choose from, nevertheless it still offers an entire day’s worth of activities.

First of all you’ll need to get geared up for the adventure; upon arrival you’ll have to go through a couple quick safety briefings and get fitted with the helmet that you’ll be wearing during your adventures. Here you will have chance to access your lockers to store anything that you don’t want to carry around. Where you go next is your choice: there are 5 different attractions in Xplor (6 if you count the delicious all-inclusive buffet) to choose from. They’re all included in your pass and it’s up to you in what order you’ll do them.

Let’s begin with one of the bigger ones, since you will see it from the highway on your way in: zip-lining. Xplor has 2 massive zip-lining circuits totaling 3.8km (2.4 miles) of zip-lines that will have you flying over the lush jungle, off high towers and into cenotes. The highest zip-line stands at 45 meters (147 feet) high and the lowest point is 8 meters (26 feet) below ground level. Yes, you read that right, below. This activity is available to most people but does have a few restrictions such as weight and height limits: the minimum weight is 40kg (88lbs) and the maximum weight is 136kg (300lbs); there is no set minimum height restriction for kids, but the harness has to fit them properly or they won’t be allowed to ride.

Off the air and onto the ground for our next activity: amphibious vehicles. Put an amphibious, all-terrain vehicle to the test as you drive through mud, into caves, and across hanging bridges. There are two different circuits for you to drive on, each is 5km (3.1 miles) long and equally fun. Each vehicle fits up to two adults and two children. Only adventurers 18 and over with a valid drivers license will be able to drive; so make sure you’re carrying your license with you for this one.

Moving on to a more relaxing yet wonderful experience we have the underground river rafts. Hop aboard an individual or a double raft, put on your hand paddles, and make your way into the heart of the caves in Xplor. Again there are two different circuits for this attraction, around half a kilometer (.3 miles) in length each. But doesn’t matter which cave you go into, you will be left awestruck by the natural rock formations that developed here over the eons and now decorate this place of wonders.

Next we’ll be hopping off the rafts onto another underground river but this time it’ll be you, your helmet, and a life jacket. Swim through this underground river that nature carved under the rock and admire the beauty of wonders of the inside of our planet. There is only one route for this one, roughly 400 meters (1300ft) long.

The last attraction is a fun little one called the hammock splash. A cross between one of Xplor’s zip-lines and a comfortable hammock; in the hammock splash you’ll ride a hammock on a zip-line down to a refreshing cenote. There are individual and double hammocks with weight limits of 80kg (175lbs) on the individual hammock or 130kg (285lbs) on the double hammocks. This experience is unique to Xplor and is great to fit in between some of the other activities and splashing into the cenote will cool you down and get you ready for more action.

Sure enough you’re bound to get hungry with everything you’ll be doing .That’s why your pass to Xplor includes unlimited access to a hearty buffet meal to keep you going strong. There is also a juice bar where you’ll find delicious, natural smoothies and a hydration station at the heart of the park if you need to refresh without wanting to sit down at the restaurant.

Xplor Fuego

Dare explore the park under the cover of darkness? Then Xplor Fuego may be your type of adventure. Set in the second half of the day, from 5:30pm to 11:30 pm, Xplor Fuego is the most intense nighttime adventure in the Riviera Maya.
This option offers everything Xplor has to offer but with a nighttime twist. The whole park is illuminated with fire and the starry night sky as the surrounding jungle is enveloped in darkness. Meanwhile, the drinks change from juices to coffee, hot chocolate, and similar drinks, and the buffet turns into a BBQ style dinner.

Xplor Ziplines

Optional Activities and Photo Pass

There are no optional activities here that aren’t included in your pass, as even the food and drinks are included. However there is a souvenir shop for you to visit.
The other thing worth mentioning is the Photo Pass, which you can buy before, during, or at the end of your visit. You will have the opportunity to be frequently photographed throughout your adventures if you wish so, and the photo pass will let you take home these frames of exhilarating experiences.
Last we have the rest area. Because exploring can be tiring, there are reas with comfortable seating and hammocks for you to kickback and relax for a minute or more in-between your adventures.


First of all our main recommendation is that you come to Xplor on a tour: it is the easiest, most comfortable way of visiting the park. We mainly recommend the private tour because it is the most flexible way of coming to Xplor. You’ll save time no having to pick up guests from other hotels, and you have total control over your arrival and departure times.

We recommend you bring light, comfortable clothing and swimsuits. You’ll want to change from your swimsuit when you’re not doing water activities; wearing a swimsuit can be very uncomfortable with the zip-line harness. You should also bring comfortable shoes that have a good grip, and can get wet. Water shoes are ideal, if you don’t have any, you can buy them at the park.

Don’t forget to bring a towel! The park does not have towel service, and you will need it after your adventures in the river. There are lockers here available for your use at no additional cost so you won’t have to carry anything with you unless you need it.

As for packages go, it depends on you. Do you want Xplor, or Xplor Fuego? We have both tours available! If you want more than one day of fun, why not try our 2 day Xel-Ha and Xplor pack, you’ll get all the adventures Xplor has to offer and the nature exposure, relaxation, and fun that Xel-Ha has. Or why not challenge your senses with our one day Xenses and Xplor Fuego package; two parks, one unforgettable day. The choice is yours.

If you’re here for many day and you want to fill as many of them as possible with exciting adventures and unique experiences, we have something for you: the make your own Xcaret package. Choose at least two of Xcaret Group’s 8 parks, like Xenses, Xcaret, and Xplor, plus our Xel-Ha & Tulum and Xel-Ha & Cobá tours and save. The more tours you book, the bigger the discount and the bigger the fun. This package gives you a 15 day window of time for your tours, and you can change dates within that timeframe for no additional cost.
Important: in an effort to protect the environment, Xplor does not allow you to bring sunblock and insect repellent that are not biodegradable; they will be confiscated at the entrance. They sell biodegradable sunblock and insect repellent on site, or you can bring your own.

Some other recommendations we bring for you:

Saturdays and Sundays is when there is less people in the park, even during holidays.
Xplor is a fun and safe experience but it is not the best for small children. Children under 5 are not permitted in the park, and while children 5 to 11 only pay 50%, children under 8 may not be able to get onto all the attractions.

How to Get to Xplor

The best way of getting there is on a private tour. Public tours are cheaper than them, but since you’ll be picking up guests from other resorts, your car will be considerably longer. Private tours on the other hand give you absolute flexibility and most efficient time, but they can be pricier, especially for smaller groups of people.
If the idea of going with a tour is not for you, there are other options. The best of them is renting a car and driving yourself. Getting to Xplor on the highway is really easy, and there is plenty of onsite parking, so you’ll have no problem getting here. You can also take a cab or a bus. The bus will drop you off at the stop in the highway, where you’ll have to wait for the Xcaret and Xplor shuttles to get you and take you to the park, they come every few minutes so it won’t be much of a problem. Keep in mind though that the last bus is at 7:00pm, so if you’re coming by bus you may need to take a cab back, and cabs are definitely expensive. Cabs and buses are not a good idea for Xplor Fuego.

We offer the following excursions to Xplor: