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Xplor Tour Reviews

Overall rating: (215 Reviews)

Xplor tour was great, my girlfriend and I had a blast at this park. One complain is the helmet. Please consider sanitizing it better by allowing it to dry completely. It smells very bad. Score: Recommend: YES from Hacienda Heights, CA
It was a lot more then we expected. We all had a lot of fun. The only thing that we found could use some improvement were the restrooms and locker rooms were. The smell there was pretty bad. Score: Recommend: YES from Farmersville, Ca
This place was absolutely amazing. The park was exceptionally clean, service and food were excellent and well worth the money. Score: Recommend: YES from New Jersey
Wish there were a lot of drinking fountain when you go to the zip line area. Once you get inside, yiu can't go out and it's at least 1 hour and 30 minutes of walking, hiking/climbing stairs and ziplining without water. We only saw 1 drinking fountain towards the end. Score: Recommend: YES from Los Angeles, CA
Amazing adventure Score: Recommend: YES from Fort Lauderdale, FL
Long wait times for photos to be processed Score: Recommend: YES from
Fun adventurous park Score: Recommend: YES from San Jose, Ca
Great tour! Score: Recommend: YES from Chicago, IL
The video package was somewhat disappointing on the ziplines. Wouldn't recommend that expense Score: Recommend: YES from UK
Had a wonderful time at Xplor...would love to go back. Score: Recommend: YES from clyde, NY
Picked up on time, good price! Score: Recommend: YES from Liverpool England
It was awesome! Score: Recommend: YES from Indio California
We loved every minute of our experience at Xplor. The lunch was as good as any all inclusive resort. All of the activities exceeded our expectations Score: Recommend: YES from Charlotte NC
It's very happy time. Score: Recommend: YES from toronto
It was the most amazing experience I strongly recommend Score: Recommend: YES from Colorado
Good experience but takes 3 buses to get there and they do not mention this in advance! Score: Recommend: YES from Brussels, Belgium
Everything great!! I recommend and would book my activity through Cancun Adventure again!! Score: Recommend: YES from Kentucky
Nice experience Score: Recommend: YES from Florida
Loads of fun for this 63-year old grandmother! Kept up with my 21-year old granddaughter and her college friends! First time doing any of the activities and photos are great! Definitely will be one of my fondest memories! Score: Recommend: YES from Farmers Branch, TX
My friends and I had so much fun! There was a good amount of people but not too much where you had to wait in such long lines. We were able to get everything we wanted done, as well as eat too! Highly recommend! It is worth it! Score: Recommend: YES from Los Angeles, CA
Forcing people to wear masks through waterfalls so they get soaking wet and then requiring them to wear that soaking wet mask the rest of the day is essentially waterboarding your guests. Use some common sense. Masks and water dont mix. Additionally, some of your staff was very nice, but some were VERY rude. I have been waiting to visit your park for 11 years and I was very disappointed. Score: Recommend: NO from
Lots of fun, not too busy and full of excitement! Score: Recommend: YES from Hesperia, CA
Xplor was awesome. Everything was clean, employees are helpful and the food was great. My suggestion if you can, get there early to beat the long lines later in the day. Otherwise 5 stars. Score: Recommend: YES from Florida
We had a blast but did not get to finish all the activities. Enjoyed the buffet. Staff adhere to COVID safety measures. Score: Recommend: YES from OC, CA
This excursion was great!! We had a blast. Recommend to everyone Score: Recommend: YES from Raleigh NC
This excursion was great!! We had a blast. Recommend to everyone Score: Recommend: YES from Raleigh NC
We had the best time! Already trying to come back! Score: Recommend: YES from Temecula, CA
We had the best time! Already trying to come back! Score: Recommend: YES from Temecula, CA
The ATV cars were the best. I really enjoyed that part. Score: Recommend: YES from Brooklyn, NY
I booked Xplore tour with CA, their prices were better than the parks and our resort tour office by over $100. Due to miscommunication at the pick-up location, we missed our bus. :( I called their offices and they tried their best to find out what happened and even send me a photo of the receipt from the driver confirming miscommunication. My tour was rescheduled to the next day and then I called to reschedule it for the day after. They were MOST gracious and super helpful over the phone. On the day of the trip- I was called and emailed to make sure we got on the bus and followed up with us after. I would definitely book with them again and again! Score: Recommend: YES from NYC
The Zip Line was great. Score: Recommend: YES from East Wenatchee WA
Love the experience Score: Recommend: YES from San Diego Ca
Great trip A little crowded Food at lunch was great Score: Recommend: YES from Toronto, Canada
Had a blast. Must do it if you are in Cancun. Score: Recommend: YES from Scranton, PA
So much fun! Well organized . Definitely a must Score: Recommend: YES from Rancho Cucamonga, CA
The park was amazing! There was so many activities to enjoy. The staff were all friendly and helpful. Score: Recommend: YES from New Hampshire
It was fun but the set up for transportation needs some work... we were dropped off at 9am and picked up at husband and I finished every activity by noon... it would have been nice to get back to our resort at that time,since you can only do most things once we had nothing to do for 5 hours. Other than that it was a fun day! Until noon! Score: Recommend: YES from San Jose,ca
Excellent tour! All of the activities were so much fun! We had a party of 7 girls 21 years old and 2 women 50ish. We had a ball. Most importantly, the safety precautions were great and the grounds and all equipment were in excellent condition. The staff everywhere was so pleasant and helpful and the entire park is beautiful. Score: Recommend: YES from Fayetteville, Arkansas.
We had a wonderful time at xplor park! The zip lines were awesome! Score: Recommend: YES from HOUSTON tx
This is the highlight of our Spring Break trip to Cancun! We had so much fun and I was amazed by the professionalism of the staff, transportation, food and all the activities there. Zip- lining is desfinitely my favorite! Highly recommended visiting Xplor Park to get your life time experience! Score: Recommend: YES from Houston, TX
Amazing excursion, had a blast. Score: Recommend: YES from West palm beach, Florida
Everything about the experience at XPLOR Cancun was fabulous and it greatly exceeded my expectations. The rides were amazing, well organized and clean, staff was great, food surprisingly wonderful for a theme park and I would go back in a heart beat. Score: Recommend: YES from Duluth, MN
Transportation was not good. It takes almost 2 hours from park to Moon Palace Resort because of going through too many resorts. Score: Recommend: YES from Nj
Customer service was excellent Score: Recommend: YES from Greenville, SC
This park was amazing! We did all activities and when we were finished it was time to hop on the bus, it was tiring but a fun filled day! This tour was our highlight of Mexico! Score: Recommend: YES from Australia
We went on a Monday so the park was not too crowded. All activities were fun and everyone was helpful. The buffet was also very delicious. Our second time in Cancun and this was by far the best experience. Swimming in the rivers inside the cave, feeling the cold, clean, clear water was a wonderful experience. Score: Recommend: YES from Hawthorne, CA
From the pick up to Xplor and the drop off to the hotel, it was everything that I have expected. Friendly staff from the beginning to the end. Xplor was amazing, my girlfriend and I had a wonderful time spending the day there. Zipline like no other, it was fast pace and incredibly high. Next time, we're in Cancun we will def be back. Score: Recommend: YES from New Orleans, LA
My husband and I had a blast!!! It was even better than we expected! Score: Recommend: YES from Houston, tx
Loved this place! Food was good. So many great activities. Will definitely be back! Score: Recommend: YES from Grass Valley, CA
Great park and Awesome food. Better then my hotel. The rides were all great and safe. And booking with Cancun Adventure was the best price i could find and i searched everything. Score: Recommend: YES from Princeton, NJ

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