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Xplor Tour


Overall rating: (191 Reviews)

Amazing day had the best time. Score: Recommend: YES Apr 15, 2016
Awesome Score: Recommend: YES Apr 14, 2016
Xplor park was amazing and the staff was very friendly! I was able to record and take pictures with my phone while zip lining and riding the ATV's. I was so glad I bought a Lifeproof case for my phone because it definitely came in handy for the wet adventures. I would recommend bringing water shoes for the River Swim and mosquito repellent. If you forget, no worries, they have those items and more that you can buy at the park as well as natural sunscreen to keep the water as natural and pure as possible. I would definitely go again and recommend anyone to go. Score: Recommend: YES Apr 12, 2016
My family loves to travel, we are extremely adventurous and always looking to experience new things. This was one of our all time favorite things that we have done together!!! From the zip lines, to swimming through caves, the off road vehicles, the rafting and the buffet that was included it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! We usually will do something once, check it off our list, and then go try something new. We all agreed (ages 12,21,45,53) that we would do this again in a heartbeat. HIGHLY RECOMMEND Score: Recommend: YES Apr 5, 2016
My husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our time at the park. The buffet was excellent. And we loved the coffee machine at the "beverage area". We completed all the activities by 3pm and tried to do the amphibious vehicles again since we had time to kill (we had to wait for our 5pm shuttle), but we weren't allowed. It was one time through only. I think except for the ziplines, you should be allowed to do the activities more than once. That's why we sat and drank coffee. Also, better explanation about where the shuttle/bus will be when leaving the park. It was very confusing. Score: Recommend: YES Mar 25, 2016
We never thought we can do all these activities in age of sixties. Wow, we were thrilled, great adventure of our life.Great staff good food. We recommend from my heart.Thanks. Score: Recommend: YES Mar 11, 2016
We had so much fun! I can't wait to come back and take my kids Score: Recommend: YES Mar 9, 2016
I had a great time at xplor. Everything was awsome Score: Recommend: YES Mar 2, 2016
Great fun and plenty to keep you busy all days. Professional photography service saves worrying about getting some good shots of the fun but a bit expensive at 90 dollars! Especially as you download and print them yourself- about half this price would be a fairer deal. Score: Recommend: YES Feb 28, 2016
Amazing ! Score: Recommend: YES Jan 23, 2016
Great day of adventure. All activities well organized and efficient. Zip lines were amazing!! Score: Recommend: YES Jan 22, 2016
Very well organized Score: Recommend: YES Jan 18, 2016
One of the best trips ever! Everything was run so smoothly and the staff there were very polite! Score: Recommend: YES Jan 15, 2016
This excursion met and exceeded our expectations. All activities were extremely fun and relaxing. Things were well organized with people to help you around every corner. The food was good and locker system was super helpful. All staff were happy to provide service with a smile and made sure you were enjoying yourself. Score: Recommend: YES Jan 14, 2016
XPLOR was amazing! It was beyond our expectations. You would hardly know this was a "theme park" as we rarely ran into people or ever waited in line, and apparently there was over 2000 people in attendance that day. The zip lining took about an hour and a half to complete which was much more than we anticipated and SO much fun! Our favorite activity was the river swim. It was beautiful and peaceful and nothing like we expected. I highly recommend this place on your next vacation. It's the perfect "get away from the resort" activity. We attended on December 2nd as a couple. Score: Recommend: YES Jan 6, 2016
The zip lines, jungle buggies, and swimming in the caves were a lot of fun! Would definitely go back. Score: Recommend: YES Oct 24, 2015
Wonderful way to experience the natural beauty of Mexico! Great value and bang for the buck! Score: Recommend: YES Oct 16, 2015
Lots of fun was a long ride there but worth it! Score: Recommend: YES Sep 29, 2015
Activity was nice and enjoyable for all the family, however, time was missing to complete all activities and get the lunch. Ziplines are indeed a bit crowdy and quite time-consuming. It was nevertheless a good time. Score: Recommend: YES Aug 12, 2015
Had a great time, the whole family had a fantastic day, the site was clean and well kept, the staff made our day unforgettable. Many Thanks to all The Smith family Portsmouth England Score: Recommend: YES Aug 8, 2015
Amazing experience. Zip lining, rafting, and ATV riding. The best part of the experience was the zip lines. There were 14 different lines divided into jaguar (red) and deer (green) lines. Score: Recommend: YES Aug 1, 2015
XPlor was fantastic fun, a great day for our family. Our 2 kids aged 15 and 12 loved it, I think this is a great activity to choose for their age group. The transportation was efficient both directions, picking up from our hotel. The organisation at the park is very slick, and you don't wait too long for anything. The buffet is excellent too with lots of choice in a nice environment. We all returned to our hotel thoroughly exhausted, but having had great fun. Score: Recommend: YES Jul 31, 2015
This really worth the money excellent day out,very well organised food is excellent remember your water proof camera and a bit of money in case you do need to buy last minute things you have forgotern Score: Recommend: YES Jul 9, 2015
Xplor was awesome! Took my two boys 13 and 15 and they loved it. Did lots of zip lining, rafts were cool, and same with the vehicles. Saw lots of 6-8 yr olds doing the zip lining. It's very safe and tons of fun! Score: Recommend: YES Jun 29, 2015
Loved it, had a blast, our first time we will be back in the future :) Score: Recommend: YES Jun 28, 2015
Everything went very smoothly. Picked up right on time. Gave good tips for the park. The park was awesome. Best day of our trip. Score: Recommend: YES Jun 18, 2015
Absolutely perfect!! I loved the tour. Score: Recommend: YES May 28, 2015
This was great! A lot of fun. We really enjoyed the lunch too! Score: Recommend: YES May 27, 2015
The Xplor tour was great from start to finish. Friendly people, good food, and awesome activities that can be done all day! Score: Recommend: YES May 26, 2015
Everything was fantastic. My favorite activity was the zip lining but every activity was fantastic. Score: Recommend: YES May 25, 2015
We had a great time and would love to come back again! Everything was fun!! People were friendly! Score: Recommend: YES May 24, 2015
I had lots of fun and really enjoyed myself :) Score: Recommend: YES May 22, 2015
The ziplines were so much fun but very long. All other activities were pretty good too. The jeep tour was surprisingly fun as I was expecting a lot less but was pleasantly surprised! Score: Recommend: YES May 20, 2015
Great experience! Clean, safe, and enjoyable park. Great food at the buffet. Can't wait to go back! Score: Recommend: YES May 19, 2015
It was just what we expected ! So much fun & great food! Score: Recommend: YES May 19, 2015
It was a lot of fun. staff was very friendly Score: Recommend: YES May 8, 2015
Great drinks! Score: Recommend: YES Apr 27, 2015
Awesome experience. Ziplining was fun, off road vehicles were cool. Boating through the caves was a blast. The swimming one was ok, maybe if there was more light it would be better. you are more focused on trying to swim with an obnoxious life jacket on vs looking at the stuff around you Score: Recommend: YES Apr 14, 2015
A must do tour.The zip lines were great. Score: Recommend: YES Mar 5, 2015
Had some much exploring the caves, everything was great. Score: Recommend: YES Feb 26, 2015
If you are looking for something different and not something you would normally do this is it!!! Score: Recommend: YES Feb 21, 2015
Amazing!!! Score: Recommend: YES Feb 19, 2015
I loved the ziplines on the tour! We did that after the amphibious tour. Both were veyr enjoyable. THe food was amazing! However, the rafting experience was somehow below expectations.. it was beautiful though. I would definitely recommend this to everyone. Just make sure you buy a nice water camera for this :) I loved the fact that this place lets you take your camera Score: Recommend: YES Jan 28, 2015
was great.. had a blast Score: Recommend: YES Jan 28, 2015
Extremely disappointed in this amusement park. The place is overcrowded and extremely overrated. The water makes all yor clothes smell like stale water. Score: Recommend: NO Jan 27, 2015
This was an awesome experience! I love that you can do SEVERAL different activities the whole day. This is truly an experience that I would recommend for those who are adventurous and want to XPLOR. Worth Every Penny! Score: Recommend: YES Dec 2, 2014
Day for of fun & adventure Score: Recommend: YES Nov 26, 2014
Amazing Staff Score: Recommend: YES Nov 26, 2014
Excellent organization,amazing activities! Score: Recommend: YES Oct 22, 2014
Absolutely awesome. Definitely recommend to anyone visiting Cancun. Had a great time. Score: Recommend: YES Oct 4, 2014

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