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It was a hot day but they did an amazing job of trying to keep us cool and happy! They offered us umbrellas and water to bring inside while we were at Chichen Itza. Throughout the day, there were multiple drinks offered to keep us cool as well. The bus did sometimes feel hot still when we returned from activities. Overall, I would do this tour if I were traveling with someone new :). Score: Recommend: YES Jun 11, 2021
Great tour!! Score: Recommend: YES Apr 23, 2021
Very informative and fun! Felipe and Jesus made this tour the very best! Score: Recommend: YES Nov 5, 2019
This trip was fantastic, tour lady were very kind and funny . I love this trip . Score: Recommend: YES Oct 18, 2019
A great experience for me and my family. My two daughters learned so much from our tour guides Raul and Manuel. I highly recommend this tour. Score: Recommend: YES Oct 9, 2019
I am not sure if we actually got an upgraded tour or not, but they said we did. The tour guide we had, Eduardo, was truly fantastic. One could tell he loved what he did and was very passionate and knowledgeable. It was very enjoyable and informative. Score: Recommend: YES May 15, 2019
I loved everything about this tour. Our tour guide Paco was excellent! Score: Recommend: YES Mar 13, 2019
Paco and Jesus were extremely knowledgeable and made the tour so much fun. We learned so many things about the Mayan culture, as well as the Mexican culture that we did not know before. I have already recommended my friends who are visiting later this month to take this tour with Cancun Adventure! Score: Recommend: YES Mar 9, 2019
Best tour ever. Very convenient and easy. Score: Recommend: YES Feb 20, 2019
There were three babies under 1 year on the tour. That made it extremely stressful and hard to hear. I would strongly recommend that this tour is promoted as adults only. Having babies on the tour made is less enjoyable and fun because of babies crying for the majority of the bus tour. Score: Recommend: YES Jan 2, 2019
The highlight of our visit to Cancun! Score: Recommend: YES Oct 25, 2018
Guides were hilarious and extremely informative on the bus as well as the tour Score: Recommend: YES Oct 9, 2018
It was a great tour. Nice and informative tour guides. Clean bus and safe driver. My only negative feedback is that before booking the trip, I asked customer support if the cenote stop is Cenote Ik Kil and she said yes. The trip actually stopped at Cenote Samaal. It was also a nice cenote but it would have been nice if the customer service rep was accurate when giving information. Score: Recommend: YES Jun 5, 2018
We had a great time! Our tour guides, Jesus & Jaime, were very knowledgeable. The cenote was great and the food was delicious! Score: Recommend: YES Apr 27, 2018
Guide was knowledgeable and interesting. Score: Recommend: YES Apr 26, 2018
So much fun. Our guide was the best. Score: Recommend: YES Mar 30, 2018
It was an amazing experience. Although it was hard to hear our guide, but given there were thousands of people there it was done very well. Score: Recommend: YES Mar 27, 2018
Manuel and Jesus were both very informative, funny, and made this trip one of the best tours I have taken. Score: Recommend: YES Mar 22, 2018
The tour was nice. The tour guide was great Score: Recommend: YES Mar 15, 2018
Amazing and worthwhile experience! Score: Recommend: YES Mar 13, 2018
Great trip! Score: Recommend: YES Feb 26, 2018
One comment is that shopping and luch combined could have been compressed and a longer duration provided between lunch and the cenote swim. Swimming after such a short duration after lunch was not comfortable to some. Score: Recommend: YES Feb 25, 2018
Wonderful tour guides! It was amazing for our guide to speak English and Spanish without missing a beat. He was funny and very informative! Score: Recommend: YES Jan 30, 2018
We would have been spend more time at Chechen itza.. While going to Chechen itza.. We stopped at a place for sometime which is not a great place as compared to Chechen itza... Score: Recommend: YES Jan 4, 2018
It was a great time but wish we had a little more time at the ruins. Jaime was a great tour guide! Score: Recommend: YES Dec 27, 2017
All was good, bus was comfortable but seats were too close to each other for comfort. Score: Recommend: YES Dec 13, 2017
For a one day tour, the time was budgeted well. The tour guides were really good and I usually don't pay attention to such things, but the bus driver was very good. I brought was I was told to bring, and by doing so was short having a towel. I figured since it wasn't on the list of things to bring, one would be supplied at the cenote. Score: Recommend: YES Dec 6, 2017
This tour was extremely well organized. You cover a lot in a one day trip. The people (tour guides) were very pleasant and very informative. They thought of everything. Score: Recommend: YES Nov 15, 2017
Allen and Manuel were excellent tour guides. It was a very informative day and full of great activities. This time I came to Cancun on a business trip, but when I return with my wife for vacation we will be signing up for this trip again. Score: Recommend: YES Nov 10, 2017
Our trip was on Oct 29/17. Bus 300 I love the staff who were with us during the trip. The tour guides (Norma and Alberto) were knowledgable and were informative. Norma had pictures and illustrations while discussing history which was nice as we were able to visualize what she was talking about. Alberto was very witty!! I enjoyed the trip because of his jokes!! 🙂 Boyo was our tour conductor, he served us drinks and bread during the whole trip. Very warm and friendly! And Alfredo was our driver who brought us home safe! Wonderful team I would say and we were well taken care of. -The tour bus was new and clean. It also had a small washroom. We very comfortable during the whole trip. -The food at the restaurant was okay. Not very appetizing to me. -You will stop by a souvenir shop before going to chichen itza. I find that the items there were more expensive than what people are selling at the Chichen itza site. They have a fixed price at the shop while you can bargain at Chichen itza. Plenty of vendors there! -Just a reminder though to be back in the bus on time! -Chichen itza and cenote were worth the trip. ❤️ Score: Recommend: YES Nov 2, 2017
Brilliant tour and amazing tour guide, highly recommend this tour! Score: Recommend: YES Nov 2, 2017
Manuel was a terrific tour guide. Score: Recommend: YES Sep 6, 2017
I recommend the tour to everyone. Score: Recommend: YES Aug 8, 2017
Great team. Beto was very funny. Score: Recommend: YES Jul 16, 2017
Excellent tour. Ample time at Cenote and not crowded. Lunch was also good. Chichen Itza was unbelievable. Score: Recommend: YES Jul 1, 2017
Our tourleader Mr. Moto, did a great job. He explained a lot about the Mayan history, culture and the present life in the area. He taking care about every guest a very kindly art. We traveling a lot arround the world but this tour was one of the best :) The transport, the lunch, the time at the cenote and the visit of the piramides side was excelent. Thanks for the great day! Georg&Dóri from Budapest/Hungary Score: Recommend: YES Mar 20, 2017
Although it was nice to have less people at the cenote.water was cold at 1030 am. Score: Recommend: YES Dec 20, 2016
Excellent day! Score: Recommend: YES Nov 15, 2016
The tour itself was good, but it was done in reverse. By the time we were at the ruins, it was so hot that I had to sit out the tour. This was disappointing. Score: Recommend: YES Oct 20, 2016
Wonderful experience; would do it again! Tour guides were fun and informative. Score: Recommend: YES Sep 12, 2016
great guides! I do wish the park would remove all the people selling all the items, it does take away from the tour. Score: Recommend: YES Sep 10, 2016
Tour was wonderful, Guide was very knowledgeable and entertaining. The authentic Mayan lunch was great! This tour was a great experience with our trip to Cancun and I would recommend it to everyone. Score: Recommend: YES Sep 10, 2016
This was a fantastic tour with friendly and informative guides. We really enjoyed it Score: Recommend: YES Apr 11, 2016
Would have been good to have seats assigned. Score: Recommend: YES Mar 31, 2016
it was incredibly confusing and difficult to understand Jesus because he went from Spanish to English every sentence. Consequently, there were several people who were confused about where to go, where not to go, when to be where, etc. I'd recommend that the tour guide complete the entire thought/message in one language and then say the entire thing again in the other. That would be easier for people to understand. That said - our actual site tour (at the site of Chichen Itza) with Jimmy was spectacular. He was great. Score: Recommend: YES Mar 23, 2016
I loved the restaurant we stopped at! Greats food! Score: Recommend: YES Mar 23, 2016
This was an excellent tour. The guides were wonderful. A great experience for the whole family. Score: Recommend: YES Mar 8, 2016
The guides on the tour bus and in Chichen Itza were excellent and explained everything really well. We then had plenty of time to take pictures on are own. The lunch and cenote were excellent. Score: Recommend: YES Mar 1, 2016
Jesus and the team were really nice. I wish there was more time spent at chichen itza! Instead of the long stay at the lunch /tourist souvenir trap. Manual have a superb description of chichen itza. English was very proficient! The ride back was a little bumpy. The driver could have slowed down a little. Lastly, some Pirolo were dropped off pretty far from the lobby area while in the rain. I thought at the price that we paid, they could have been dropped off in front of the lobby , especially because it was raining cats and dogs!!!! Just common courtesy! Score: Recommend: YES Jan 27, 2016
We are a deaf couple. The speaking guide tour was worthless to us naturally. We paid the tour but we couldn't learn anything from a guide tour. It would be nice if the readily script is provided. And, the buffet lunch wasn't what we expected. The quality of food wasn't exactly enjoyable. I got a bad stomach virus after I ate. Wouldn't recommend that restaurant. The activity of Chichen Itza and Cenote was fabulous! Also, the transportation was smooth and easy transition which we really enjoyed. The guide tours really cared about us and very attentive to us. Would recommend this activity if you want to do two activities: Chichen Itza and Cenote. If you want to spend more time at Chichen Itza then don't take this tour. Our time at Chichen Itza was a very short time which we would like to spend more time there. If you want to hit two activities in a day, then take this tour. Cenote was fun but if you want to spend there a bit longer then you are better off finding another cenote somewhere else. We spent there for an hour which wasn't enough time. Nevertheless, we really enjoyed our trip to Chichen Itza. Score: Recommend: YES Jan 18, 2016

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