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Xel-Ha All Inclusive Tour

  • Xel Ha natural wonder
  • swim into the Xel Ha caves
  • Dare to jump from the Cliff of Courage
  • Test your balance with the Trepachanga
  • Xel Ha Park
  • keep calm and rest in the hammock

Visit the Natural Wonder of Xel-Ha Park and its open-sea aquarium, ecological attractions and countless more fun experiences.

The cenotes, caves and lakes that feed the sea, are mixed with fresh spring waters that reflect the blue colors of the sky, turning Xel-Ha into the world's most beautiful and largest natural aquarium, where you can dive and snorkel among hundreds of tropical fish and more than 90 marine species that inhabit the creek, swim along the river and marvel yourself at the fantastic vegetation that you will find from the beginning until you reach the inlet.

One of the activities you can do at Xel-Ha is Swimming with Dolphins. You can interact with the dolphins including being foot-pushed, and have them do tricks in front of and over you. The dolphin swim takes place in the lagoon. The other major thing to see and do here is the lagoon itself. Xel-Ha is one of the best locations in Cancun for snorkeling. There is also cliff diving, a rope swing, and a great beach to relax on. Across the street from the park are some small ruins.

Come and live a magical, unique and unforgettable experience surrounded by nature in Xel-Ha ... Natural Wonder of Mexico!

Overall rating: (30 Reviews)

Had a great time! Score: Recommend: YES Jun 3, 2021
It rained so we missed some if the activities. Other than that it was awesome Score: Recommend: YES May 24, 2021
The food at the site was okay, but nothing spectacular. Score: Recommend: YES Sep 1, 2020
The facility was clean and the food was great! The activities were awesome! Score: Recommend: YES Jul 19, 2019
Tour was great Score: Recommend: YES Apr 18, 2019
GREAT FUN - WE LOVED THE RIVER FLOAT Score: Recommend: YES Dec 16, 2018
Tour to Xel Ha was well organized. Score: Recommend: YES Nov 24, 2018
Park was too big to do all in one day. So many activities for anyone to enjoy. Score: Recommend: YES Aug 24, 2018
Good deal, very organized. Score: Recommend: YES Jul 31, 2018
Great fun! Score: Recommend: YES Jul 11, 2018
This is always a fun place to visit. Score: Recommend: YES Jul 5, 2018
Great day! Great property. Will absolutely return again! Score: Recommend: YES Apr 27, 2018
A fun day out. We've visited Xel-ha before and it's beautiful, lots to do and a good adventure. The bus arrived on time and dropped us off outside the venue then we had the day to ourselves to explore. Score: Recommend: YES Dec 5, 2017
This tour was fantastic! Great drivers, did the job well. Score: Recommend: YES Dec 4, 2017
Amazing !:) Score: Recommend: YES Aug 23, 2017
This was a great adventure! Looking for better snorkeling but great just the same. Score: Recommend: YES Aug 3, 2017
Great place for the whole family. Delicious food too. Score: Recommend: YES Jul 19, 2017
Very organized and explained well. Score: Recommend: YES Jul 5, 2017
I had been before and still love xel ha and this company was on time and had nice buses. Score: Recommend: YES Jun 23, 2016
A ton of fun and well worth the money spent! Enjoyed every minute. Score: Recommend: YES Apr 4, 2016
Awesome customer service, Diana is the best!! Score: Recommend: YES Mar 27, 2016
Transportation was great and the tour guides had a great sense of humor and were perfectly understood in both English and Spanish! :) Score: Recommend: YES Mar 18, 2016
Wonderful trip. Well worth the price. If anything, too much to do! I wish I had even more time to spend - especially doing the river snorkel. Would definitely go back again! Score: Recommend: YES Nov 18, 2015
Loved the waters its was a blast, I loved that we didn't have to carry a camera :) Score: Recommend: YES Jun 29, 2015
Customer services were excellent, offered transportation for the all-inclusive Xel-Ha admission. The admission didn't include the zip bike, dolphin encounter, scuba and manatee encounter. However, it did include alcoholic drinks, food, snorkle and zip lining. I had an amazing time. Score: Recommend: YES Jun 3, 2015
Especially loved the water hole! Score: Recommend: YES Aug 29, 2014
Had a blast! Good food and drinks, excellent snorkeling! A beautiful place! Score: Recommend: YES Jun 11, 2014
Good for families, 1 day is not enough for enjoy full site of Xel-ha though ^^ Score: Recommend: YES Apr 24, 2014
Xel-Ha was an amazing experience, and I highly recommend it for anyone traveling remotely close to this area to take the time to visit it. Also, I want to thank Cancun Adventure for working with me. There was some miscommunication about the pick-up time, but you all were very flexible and willing to work with me to make sure I was able to experience this wonderful place. Thank you! Score: Recommend: YES Apr 7, 2014
Was the most awesome place ever! Well worth the price. Beautiful place. Score: Recommend: YES Feb 21, 2014
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