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Xel-Ha All Inclusive Tour


Overall rating: (30 Reviews)

Had a great time! Score: Recommend: YES Jun 3, 2021
It rained so we missed some if the activities. Other than that it was awesome Score: Recommend: YES May 24, 2021
The food at the site was okay, but nothing spectacular. Score: Recommend: YES Sep 1, 2020
The facility was clean and the food was great! The activities were awesome! Score: Recommend: YES Jul 19, 2019
Tour was great Score: Recommend: YES Apr 18, 2019
GREAT FUN - WE LOVED THE RIVER FLOAT Score: Recommend: YES Dec 16, 2018
Tour to Xel Ha was well organized. Score: Recommend: YES Nov 24, 2018
Park was too big to do all in one day. So many activities for anyone to enjoy. Score: Recommend: YES Aug 24, 2018
Good deal, very organized. Score: Recommend: YES Jul 31, 2018
Great fun! Score: Recommend: YES Jul 11, 2018
This is always a fun place to visit. Score: Recommend: YES Jul 5, 2018
Great day! Great property. Will absolutely return again! Score: Recommend: YES Apr 27, 2018
A fun day out. We've visited Xel-ha before and it's beautiful, lots to do and a good adventure. The bus arrived on time and dropped us off outside the venue then we had the day to ourselves to explore. Score: Recommend: YES Dec 5, 2017
This tour was fantastic! Great drivers, did the job well. Score: Recommend: YES Dec 4, 2017
Amazing !:) Score: Recommend: YES Aug 23, 2017
This was a great adventure! Looking for better snorkeling but great just the same. Score: Recommend: YES Aug 3, 2017
Great place for the whole family. Delicious food too. Score: Recommend: YES Jul 19, 2017
Very organized and explained well. Score: Recommend: YES Jul 5, 2017
I had been before and still love xel ha and this company was on time and had nice buses. Score: Recommend: YES Jun 23, 2016
A ton of fun and well worth the money spent! Enjoyed every minute. Score: Recommend: YES Apr 4, 2016
Awesome customer service, Diana is the best!! Score: Recommend: YES Mar 27, 2016
Transportation was great and the tour guides had a great sense of humor and were perfectly understood in both English and Spanish! :) Score: Recommend: YES Mar 18, 2016
Wonderful trip. Well worth the price. If anything, too much to do! I wish I had even more time to spend - especially doing the river snorkel. Would definitely go back again! Score: Recommend: YES Nov 18, 2015
Loved the waters its was a blast, I loved that we didn't have to carry a camera :) Score: Recommend: YES Jun 29, 2015
Customer services were excellent, offered transportation for the all-inclusive Xel-Ha admission. The admission didn't include the zip bike, dolphin encounter, scuba and manatee encounter. However, it did include alcoholic drinks, food, snorkle and zip lining. I had an amazing time. Score: Recommend: YES Jun 3, 2015
Especially loved the water hole! Score: Recommend: YES Aug 29, 2014
Had a blast! Good food and drinks, excellent snorkeling! A beautiful place! Score: Recommend: YES Jun 11, 2014
Good for families, 1 day is not enough for enjoy full site of Xel-ha though ^^ Score: Recommend: YES Apr 24, 2014
Xel-Ha was an amazing experience, and I highly recommend it for anyone traveling remotely close to this area to take the time to visit it. Also, I want to thank Cancun Adventure for working with me. There was some miscommunication about the pick-up time, but you all were very flexible and willing to work with me to make sure I was able to experience this wonderful place. Thank you! Score: Recommend: YES Apr 7, 2014
Was the most awesome place ever! Well worth the price. Beautiful place. Score: Recommend: YES Feb 21, 2014

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