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Xplor Tour Review

Xplor is amazing! It is one of the most impressive parks I've had the chance to visit. This is a newest attraction in the Mayan Riviera that aims to be one of the main spots of adventure tourism in the region.

From the moment you arrive to the ticket counters, you discover a stunning underground place with thousands of stalactites "falling" and making a scenario hard to describe.

Due to all visitors are instructed in safety measures and recommendations, the waiting line is a bit slow, I arrived at 10:20 am and began to regret not having come earlier, my turn at the counter came after 25 minutes.

I was given a helmet and a key for my locker, the key is attached to a velcro strap that goes around your wrist and is very secure. A particularly noteworthy feature at the the park is the technology used in addition to security measures, the helmet has a hidden microchip that is part of a computerized system across the park, dozens of pictures are taken to you all the time during your activities, screens are set all around to show your own pictures as soon as you to approach to the screens, you can buy those pictures at the end of your visit or through internet

Once inside the park I walked around 100 yards to the main staging area surrounded by cavernous spectacular landscapes, The main area have lockers, restrooms, changing rooms and showers. This area has the peculiarity of having a sculpture in the shape of a heart  that makes a sound imitating a heartbeat, this helps visitors to easily locate acoustically this area. Essentially you come back to this main staging area to go on a path to each of the activities.

I started  with the underground raft circuit. you can choose between individual or couple raft, there are two circuits, I decided to take the shorter one, the view in there is unbelievable, the play of light in the water and caves is fantastic.

The second activity I decided to do was amphibious vehicles, to do so is necessary to go to a section on the surface where you board your vehicle, after hearing the instructions you take a path through the jungle, vehicle are easy to drive, they have automatic transmission but I believe that someone who has not driven a regular car can be tricky. The journey is fascinating, you go through a suspension bridge, caves, rivers and large jungle paths, the ride takes approximately 30 minutes. The vehicle is for two people but there are areas to change drivers, supervisors are also accross the road in case of any eventuality.

The next activity was the zip line circuit. When one goes flying 45 meters above the jungle held by a cable you may question about security, I examined all measures, equipment, instructions, procedures and previous warnings before performing the activity, I can say that I didn't find any objection, the equipment is new, sophisticated and operators are quite secure in their tasks.

There are two circuits, I decided on the track "Venado", after a long walk upstairs to take the first line my turn to "fly" came, I must confess I felt a little scared when the lady in charge secure my harness and gave me the initial push ... ohhhhhh what that sense, the fear quickly turned into emotion enjoying the charm of its landscape and beauty at that point with adrenaline at the top. Then other zip lines followed one after another, to reach the start point of each line you need to go down or upstairs, cross suspension bridges or water slides, one of my favorites parts is a fabulous slide in which you descend at breakneck speed to land in a natural sinkhole where someone is waiting for you to assist you in the fall.

Two of the ziplines end up in water, they were great. Once you sit down and are directed to go, lie back completely prone as soon as possible. If you try to go down in a seated position it does not work well.

The next activity I did was swim in the stalactite river, much like the rafts but with a different scenario, the water temperature was nice, the trip takes 25 minutes, around 430 yards, it has several exits other than the finish, however  I suggest doing the entire path if you can, life vests are mandatory. At the end of the journey there is a special area with a waterfall and a natural light entrance which one must pass through, something really beautiful.

To finish my visit to Xplor I went to the restaurant for the lunch included, there were all sorts of dishes, the food was excellent.

I would recommend the following when you visit Xplor:

- Use aquashoes, It's not a good idea wear sandals because you will loose them in the river and have to carry on hands for the zip lines circuit. You may also wear tennis shoes if you don't mind them getting soaked.

- Arrive early to the park, you may think that there are only 4 activities and you will be plenty of time, however each activity last approximately one hour counting waiting line, if we add that there are two circuits of zip lines and two raft paths, then you will have no much time between activities before the park closes at 5:00 PM

- I highly recommend having a waterproof camera, carryng a regular camera is not a good idea because it will get wet.

Cancun Adventure Staff