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As if coming out of an old tale, the archaeological zone of Cobá is located right in the middle of a thick jungle and surrounded by five lakes and various cenotes (natural sinkholes). It covers approximately 70 square kilometers and there are various interpretations of the city’s name that links it to one natural element that was sacred to the Maya… Water.

We can find Cobá 40 km Northwest of Tulum and 90km East from Chichen Itzá. In Cobá, you can discover 6500 structures and 45 “Sacbés” or white roads that form a network linking the main city with other smaller dependent dwellings.

At it’s most prosperous time between 200 and 800 BC, this archaeological area had an approximate population of 50000 inhabitants until the kingdom of Chichen Itzá expanded its domain.

Choose how to discover the unmissable in Cobá and immerse yourself in its awesomeness.

Due to the fact that the 3 main groups of the most representative edifications of this Mayan city were built separately, the distances between them can reach up to 2 km which makes hiring a bicycle an excellent and easy way to get around even on the dirt tracks.

The Cobá group: This group is located right at the entrance of the archaeological site and its main attraction is a 25m high pyramid strangely called “The church”, maybe due to the fact that the local population used to consider the pyramid a religious sanctuary. This is one of the only pyramids that can still be climbed therefore we recommend you to wear comfortable shoes and clothing.

The Mancaxoc group: To get to this group of edifications you will need to use the “sacbe” or road number 9 which is easy to identify as it is the widest of all the roads. Mancaxoc is a religious complex and here you can discover 8 sculpted stelae and their altars.

Coba Mayan hidden city

The Nohoch Mul group: Almost 2km heading north, you will discover the most amazing edifications in Cobá. The tallest structure in the city is the pyramid called “Nohoch Mul” and it measures at 42 m in height. If you climb to the top of the pyramid, you’ll find that the view over the jungle from there is simply spectacular.

The paintings group: Located southwest from Nohoch Mul, this place gets its name due to the discovery of painting fragments from murals of the late post-classic period. These group of edifications also include ashlars and a small temple.

Useful advice to visit Cobá.

* Wear light and comfortable clothing and due to the humid climate we recommend you bring another change of clothes with you.

* Buy snacks, sweets and water to keep you hydrated throughout your visit.

* Remember to use biodegradable insect repellent and sunblock.

* If you visit Cobá on your own, take advantage of your day by visiting the rivers in the area or the cenotes Choo Ha, Tankach Ha and Multun Ha that are located 6 km away from Cobá. There, you will be able to relax, swim and refresh in their crystal clear waters.

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