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Vacation Rentals, Airbnb, and Tours

When we talk about tours we are always saying that we can pick you up directly at your hotel and that you can make your reservation with your concierge. But what happens if you are not staying at a hotel?  The quick expansion of Airbnb in Cancun and the Riviera Maya and the many condominiums and villas in the city that offer vacation rentals have created a great opportunity for travelers. Today vacation rentals have become a very popular option for those visiting us that come looking for an experience difference to the usual resort stay or with a special budget. 

Here the area you’ll find vacation rentals of all kinds and for every budget. You will find huge houses ideal for family vacations, exotic loft in the jungles perfect for romantic getaways, luxury condominiums in the best locations and rooms downtown with incredibly low prices. The options are nearly endless and you will always be able to find something available that suits your needs. We recommend you book with some time in advance so you increase your possibilities of finding the ideal spot. 

This takes us to the question of the day, one we get almost every day: how can I book and take a tour if I am staying at a vacation rental.

Taking a tour is always an option when you visit the Mexican Caribbean, no matter where you are staying. Many of the best attractions that we can offer are best enjoyed if you do so as part of a tour.

How to Book and What Type of Tours

Since you won’t be having access to a concierge or hospitality desk, your best bet to book a tour will be through the internet. Here you will find the best variety of options and the most flexibility. In our tour listing you will find the best options available for you. You will also find kiosks in tourist areas where you will be able to find offers for yours. Take into account that booking over the internet also has the advantage because you can do it months in advance, guaranteeing your spot on the tour and planning everything beforehand so you don’t have many chores once your vacation starts. 

The best option when you stay at a vacation rental is to book a private tour since they are private you have total control over the tour. With a private tour you can choose where to get picked up and at what time, doesn’t matter if it is a hotel or at your Airbnb. Not to mention that they are also the best because you get to spend the day at your own pace and see exactly what you want to see. The only disadvantage to private tours is that they are often more expensive; but if you are traveling in a group of 4, 5, or more people, there is a chance it evens out or is even cheaper.

Your other option is an open tour. When you look for and book a tour you can ask where they meet. Most of regular tours have a meeting point at a public place, you will just have to show up at a designated place and designated time to jump on the bus and be a part of the tour. These tours are almost always cheaper than private tours, but come with the disadvantage that they don’t offer much flexibility for your schedule and you will have to show up at a certain place and time. 

As you can see, enjoying a tour is still posible and in fact very easy even if you are staying at an Airbnb. Don’t let these things get between you and your vacation plans.  Make your reservation for your vacation rental today and while you are at it book your tours to ensure you get the most out of your stay.