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Cancun handycraft market

Best Markets in Cancun

If you are in need of some souvenirs for the folk back home, or you’re wanting to take a piece of Mexico with you, there are several markets in Cancún that have you covered. Here you can find all sorts of Mexican things like clothing, authentic Mexican silver jewelry, handicrafts both local and from other parts of Mexico, handmade leather items, sombreros, little souvenirs, and tequila!  

Mercado 28

One of the best places in Cancún to get souvenirs and handicrafts. Located in downtown Cancún, this is the biggest market in the city. While some shops here may sell mass-produced junk, most stores here will have something good for sale. And, since you’re already here downtown, you may as well stay for lunch in one of the many restaurants that surround the market and try the true local flavor. This market was renovated recently so if you had previously visited it may be worth you come back, surely you will find something of your liking. 

Mercado Ki Huic

Cancun’s oldest market, this one is located right at the heart of the city: in Tulum Avenue near the local government palace and the entrance to the hotel zone. Located in one of Cancún’s most pedestrian-friendly areas, this place is ideal for those looking authentic Mexican handicrafts. One of its main attractions is that Ki Huic has a larger selection of restaurants to offer.  It is worth mentioning that this market is also visited by local folk so there are some comercial clothing and shoe stores here as well. We strongly recomendó you take a cab here since finding parking here is nearly impossible. 

Mercado de Artesanías Coral Negro

Conveniently located in the 9th kilometer of the hotel zone, right next to the nightclub district and within walking distance of many hotels. This market is smaller than the others but is the most easily accesible and you’ll be able to take advantage of the restaurant, bars, and beach clubs of the are to have a margarita before or after your shopping spree. The only disadvantage here is that due to its location it is possible that prices here will be higher so haggling may be necessary. 

Cancun Plaza Bonita Market

Plaza la Fiesta

This list’s honorable mention, Plaza la Fiesta started as a market that in time became a local chain of stores that emulate Mexican handicraft markets. Besides having a huge variety of things condensed into one convenient location, it is possible that here you will find some things that are rarer or of higher quality than in other places, for a higher price of course. Their flagship store is also located on the 9th kilometer of the hotel zone, only a few meters away from Mercado de Artesanías Coral Negro, but there is also a store in Plaza la Isla. 

The Airport

If your vacation plans didn’t leave you enough free time for shopping, or your hotels hammock was too comfortable and you decided to put it off, not all is lost: the airport has you covered. All of the terminals of Cancún’s airport have some handicrafts and souvenir shops and the Duty Free stores sell liquor and Mexican candy. Consider this your last resort though, for the prices here are the highest they can be and things are usually priced in U.S. dollars.