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A new alternative to have brilliant fun without leaving the hotel zone in Cancun

Parque Maya is located around “Kilometre 16” of the hotel zone of Cancún. Without having to go too far, this themed attraction offers the option of enjoying five different activities that allow visitors to get closer to Mayan culture.

The Mayan Vision

A theatre equipped with a curved 247” HD screen exhibits a 7 minutes short film about traditions and symbolic representations of the Mayan culture via the use of narratives and images. This collection of tales and visuals not only represent the theme in which the park’s design and its attractions are based but also, in a fun and original way, they pay tribute to the legacy of Mayan culture.

Try the adventure Mayan Flight and fly through the Mayan sky.

If flying is your thing, “Mayan Flight” is for you. You can discover and admire “Parque Maya” by taking to the sky on a zip-wire.

This attraction has five towers that measure more than 20m in height which give the visitor the chance of choosing different challenges covering around 460m in length while traveling over Nichupté lagoon. At the end of the journey, an extra 70m over 6 different challenges where you will be suspended 6m over the lagoon and from where you can admire an incredible view of the place.

Mayan Journey through mangroves.

If, after that adrenaline rush, what you want is a bit of peace, we recommend sailing on a boat across 11km of mangroves in the lagoon of Nichupté. Here, you can enjoy spotting different species of birds native to this region and also discover the amazing natural landscape in a trip that lasts just over one hour. A tour guide will give you information about the mangroves—their importance for the local ecosystems, their interaction with the lagoon and their significance to the native flora and fauna.

Take a walk through “Mayan Path” looking for steles.

“Mayan Path” is a 200m corridor or walking path also called “sacbé” or “white road”.

Here, you can admire replicas of 24 different representations of Mayan art and history such as steles, temples and deities. This walk requires you to cross suspended bridges and it takes around 25 minutes. As an added bonus along the walk, you can stop and take photographs with some important Mayan figures.

Parque Maya boat ride mangloves

How much do you know about the Mayan Calendar?

The trip through “Senda Maya” finishes at “Plaza de las Estelas” or “Steles square” where you will have the chance to listen an informative presentation about the importance of the Mayan Calendar and its sacred cycles.

Add more activities to your trip.

Besides the activities mentioned, you can book another trip called “Maya Tour”. This trip will take you to visit the Mayan Museum where you will be able to appreciate an important collection of artistic and historical pieces from this fascinating civilisation, which were discovered at the archaeological site of San Miguelito”. After your visit to the museum, a tour bus (turibus), will take out of “Parque Maya” for a drive around different points of interest across the Hotel zone of Cancún including the archaeological site of El Rey to discover 3.6 acres of land that hold the ruins of 47 structures belonging to the Pre-Hispanic Mayan civilization.