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Boats and Sailing Tours

One of the most impressive sights in Cancun is the striking combination of colors that make up the Caribbean Sea, and sailing over these on a catamaran to the paradisiacal Isla Mujeres is something you cannot miss. For fishing lovers we will have the perfect charter for you whether you prefer private or shared.

Sail Away to Isla Mujeres Tour

Sail Away to Isla Mujeres

Enjoy an extraordinary day as you set sail on the Caribbean Sea, aboard a stylish catamaran departing from Cancun and bound for the paradisiac Isla Mujeres with an open bar and loads of fun.

Departs from: Cancun

Duration: 7 hours approx.

$75 usd From: 70 usd
Flat Fishing Charter Tour

Flat Fishing Charter

Get ready for an incredible Flat Fishing adventure in the emerald waters of Nichupte Lagoon, Cancun. Get aboard a private 18 ft. Redfisher boat, expertly navigating the shallow waters and mangrove forests in search of your next big catch.

Departs from: Cancun

Duration: 4 or 6 hours

From: 390 usd
ATV & Catamaran Adventure Tour

ATV & Catamaran Adventure Tour

Drive a powerful ATV through jungle trails over roots and rocks, swim and zip-line in a cenote, and snorkel from a catamaran on this action-packed 6 hour tour from Cancun or Riviera Maya.

Departs from: Cancun and Puerto Morelos

Duration: 7 hours approx.

$139 usd From: 125 usd
Private Yacht Charter Tour

Private Yacht Charter

Indulge in the luxurious pleasures of a private yacht voyage across the famous turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea along the coast of Cancun.

Departs from: Cancun

Duration: 4-6 hours

From: 1610 usd
Bacalar Expedition Tour

Bacalar Expedition

Discover the incomparable beauty and sail through the wonderful colors of the Bacalar lagoon, the Lagoon of 7 Colors. This magic place is located only 30 minutes from Chetumal City and 4 hours south of Cancun.

Departs from: Riviera Maya

Duration: 13 hours approx

$169 usd From: 155 usd
Jolly Wild Cruise Tour

Jolly Wild Cruise

A day of high seas shenanigans. This adults-only version of the already famous Jolly Roger Pirate Show in Cancun offers 400 tons of fun to set sail on a Caribbean adventure aboard the Jolly Roger pirate ship.

Departs from: Cancun Hotel Zone

Duration: 4 hours.

$79 usd From: 75 usd
Private Catamaran Charter Cancun Tour

Private Catamaran Charter Cancun

One of the most desired experiences for visitors to Cancun is sailing on a catamaran to the paradisiacal Isla Mujeres, a tour in an impressive blue-turquoise natural setting is something you will remember forever

Departs from: 4 or 7 hrs

Duration: 4 o 7 horas

From: 1400 usd
Sunset Catamaran and Deluxe Dinner Tour

Sunset Catamaran and Deluxe Dinner

Sail into the sunset for a fantastical evening aboard an elegant catamaran sailboat. Be amazed by the colors and shades of the Caribbean Sea landscape

Departs from: Cancun and Riviera Maya

Duration: 2 hours

From: 150 usd
Xcaret Catamaran - Isla Mujeres Tour

Xcaret Catamaran - Isla Mujeres

Sail over the clear, turquoise waters, snorkel amidst vibrant coral reefs, and wander through the charming streets of Isla Mujeres. This tour offers one of the most enchanting ways to spend a day in the Caribbean.

Departs from: Cancun

Duration: Around 6 hours

$109.99 usd From: 103 usd
Rio Lagartos - Las Coloradas Tour

Rio Lagartos - Las Coloradas

Río Lagartos, a picturesque seashore town on the heart of a protected natural area, one of the natural jewels the Yucatán Peninsula has to offer. Its privileged location makes it a perfect starting point for our adventure through some amazing landscapes.

Departs from: Cancun and Riviera Maya

Duration: From 12 to 14 hours

$169 usd From: 150 usd
Isla Mujeres Sailing Tour

Isla Mujeres Sailing Tour

If you visit Cancun don't miss out the chance to sail through the Caribbean Sea in a Catamaran and visit the paradisiac Isla Mujeres, a charming island that combines the Caribbean and Mexican styles.

Departs from: Cancun

Duration: 6 hours approx.

$85 usd From: 75 usd
Las Coloradas Tour

Las Coloradas Tour

Explore one of the beautiful landscapes offered by the Yucatan península. In this excursion we will take you to Las Coloradas, a set of pink lagoons located in Rio Lagartos, where you will enjoy a boat ride through the mangrove area, nest of a variety of birds and marine species, including the popular pink flamingos.

Departs from: Cancun and Riviera Maya

Duration: 12 hours approximately

$189 usd From: 170 usd
Jolly Roger - The Pirate Show Tour

Jolly Roger - The Pirate Show

Enjoy an amazing pirate battle in the Caribbean Sea, you will be glittered by the swords in acrobatic duels; cannon battling and pyrotechnic explosion will make you feel part of this tremendous show.

Departs from: Cancun

Duration: 3 hours

$145 usd From: 140 usd
Private Fishing Charter Tour

Private Fishing Charter

Take a private fishing tour in Cancun and have great time in the cool blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Departs from: Marina Chac Chi km 3.2.

Duration: From 4 to 8 hours

From: 593 usd
Royal Garrafon and Swim with Dolphins Tour

Royal Garrafon and Swim with Dolphins

Enjoy all that Garrafon Natural Reef Park has to offer and the unforgettable experience of swimming with the most loving marine creatures, the dolphins.

Departs from: Cancun

Duration: 7-8 hours approx.

From: 129 usd
Deep Sea Fishing Cancun Tour

Deep Sea Fishing Cancun

Enjoy a fishing tour in Cancun and have a great time in the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Departs from: Cancun

Duration: 6 hours

$170 usd From: 163 usd