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Nature lovers rejoice, you’ve come to the right place! Whether these opportunities brought you here or you came on vacation and are just finding out about them, the Mexican Caribbean has plenty to offer for an unforgettable natural encounter. While the coral reefs of the area and the wild Mayan jungle give you the chance to immerse yourself in nature, here you will also find unparalleled opportunities to come face to face with some of the world’s most incredible animals.

Our list begins with the easiest, most accesible activity: swimming with dolphins. In the area there are over 10 dolphinariums where you and your family will be able to live the unforgettable experience of interacting with dolphins. You will spend a couple hours learning about these fascinating creatures and you’ll have the opportunity to swim with them and see for yourself what they are capable of. An activity for the whole family that will without a doubt enthrall everyone, especially the younger ones, take a look to our list of dolphin activities

The second site in our list is located a few kilometres north of Puerto Morelos and its called Crococun Zoo. Originally established as a crocodile farm, Crococun has since been converted into a small zoo dedicate to the conservation of local fauna and educating visitors to become ambassadors for nature.

During your visit you will learn about a great variety of reptiles of different species, sizes, and colors, including 3 different species of crocodiles of which you’ll see hundreds of. Besides, the zoo is home to many species of birds and mammals, including the endangered and elusive serval and a troop of wild spider monkeys. You must not miss having your picture taken while holding an adorable baby crocodile!

Akumal bay (Mayan for “Turtle’s place”) is known for its quiet atmosphere and pristine beaches, but for you there is an even more exciting attraction: sea turtles. This bay is home to hundreds of green sea turtles who you can snorkel with (under your guide’s care and supervision). A perfect activity to include on your beach day and ideal for kids and adults alike.   

Whale Sharks
In the blue waters north of Isla Mujeres, during the months of May to September, you’ll be able to find the biggest fish in the world: the peaceful whale shark. These gentle giants gather here in Mexican waters to feed on plankton, and you can be right there snorkeling right besides them, and if you’re lucky enough you may even see a giant manta! This is an opportunity you must not miss, but it may not be for everyone: take into account you will spend your whole morning at sea and there is a lot of swimming to be done; but braving these hurdles is worth it as you will get to live a truly incredible experience.

We saved the most intense for last. This activity is only available for experienced SCUBA divers (if you’re not one yet, maybe you can change that this vacation) since it involves diving down to 25 meters. Every year, between November and February you’ll get the chance to SCUBA with these imposing creatures. A safe activity with guaranteed adrenaline rush, this is the ultimate wildlife encounter to be had in the Mexican Caribbean. Contact our staff for available options for this activity.