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Tulum Xtreme

Adventure at an archaeological site by the sea

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  • Ready to fly on the zipline
  • Adventure activities in Tulum Xtreme
  • Visiting the Mayan ruins
  • Swimming into cenotes
  • Zip line fun at the canopy
  • Rappeling into a cenote
  • Visiting the Mayan ruins of Tulum
  • Snorkeling in the Caves
  • Great choice when traveling with kids

A perfect combination of culture and adventure in this great tour: Tulum ruins, zip lines, rappel, cenote and a lot of fun in the Mayan jungle and facing the Caribbean Sea!

Fly 21 meters (70 feet) above the Mayan jungle canopy on a 765-meter (2,525 ft) zip line ride! Then we will prepare and gear you up to rappel 18 m. (60 ft.) into the the mayan jungle. Swim and snorkel while exploring the astounding rock formations of a mystical Mayan underground river.

Delight yourself with a delicious typical Mexican lunch surrounded by the sounds of nature that will await you at the end of your jungle adventure at Tulum Mexico.

Travel back in time and admire the beauty of the archaeological site of Tulum, where a certified guide will make you feel part of history while you tour around this ceremonial center. The guides will accompany you at all times sharing information regarding local traditions, flora and fauna, making sure you experience an XTREME day.

Overall rating: (104 Reviews)

This was amazing! I loved every minute of it! It was fun and educational! The food was delicious. You provided umbrellas and water that really helped on such a hot day.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Cleveland, OH
Oct 2, 2018
This tour was one of the highlights of our trip!!! So so so much fun! Great guides and wonderful activities!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Odessa, Texas
May 19, 2018
Rigo and Alex did a fantastic job treating us as family. The tour guide that took us on the tour of the ruins (sorry I forgot her name) she as well was very knowledgable and great.Major kudos to them.
Score: Recommend: YES
from NY
May 4, 2018
Hector was an awesome guide
Score: Recommend: YES
from Bay City Michigan
May 3, 2018
Flash was amazing and you could tell how proud he is at what he does! It was a pleasure to be in his group!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Fort Worth, TX
Mar 16, 2018
was enjoyable.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Los Angeles, CA
Feb 23, 2018
Our tour was amazing
Score: Recommend: YES
from Utah
Feb 10, 2018
We had a great time on the Tulum Xtreme tour. The ruins were great and the activities that followed were a blast. Gustavo was an amazing guide while walking through the ruins and Carlos was awesome during the zip lining, rappelling, and Cenote swim. All in all, I would recommend this adventure trip to everyone.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Houston
Jan 15, 2018
We had a great time on our Tulum Extreme adventure tour! Our tour guide, Rodrigo, was amazing- very funny, and knowledgeable.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Saint Paul, OR
Jan 14, 2018
Score: Recommend: YES
Jan 9, 2018
Our Driver and Tour Guides, both at Telum and activities site, were tremendous. Tipped them well to share our appreciation but you should be aware of how strongly we feel that a tour like this can be made or not by the people involved. These guys were great and I would recommend them to anyone.
Score: Recommend: YES
from South Hadley, Massachusetts
Jan 3, 2018
Our guide was amazing. Very informative and friendly.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Chicago, IL
Dec 4, 2017
Excellent guides and activities, just would have liked more time at Tulum
Score: Recommend: YES
from England
Nov 29, 2017
Our group leader was great! Our experience was one of a kind.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Fairfield Iowa
Sep 7, 2017
Flash was the best! Really knowledgable, entertaining, and funny!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Las Vegas
Jul 19, 2017
Make sure that people know at the beginning of the trip not to put in sunscreen or bug spray for the cenote.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Eugene,!iregon
Jul 12, 2017
CARLOS WAS INCREDIBLE!! So knowledgeable and so fun. He really made the trip ( which itself was a blast) even more fun! Can't wait to come back.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Ontario, CA
Jun 28, 2017
A very good experience and the best tour guy Henry.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Puerto Rico
Jun 8, 2017
I would've appreciated more time to go swimming in mayans ruins beach. It was a hot day in the ocean was beckoning for us to jump in. We had 3 to 5 really slow people in our group who held up our group.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Los Angeles
Jun 5, 2017
Had an amazing time in Tulum. The guide was highly knowledgable and fun. Very good energy. Our driver really went the extra mile. A gorgeous once in a lifetime experience no doubt. Highly recomended.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Las Vegas
May 31, 2017
Absolutely amazing!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Manhattan, KS
Apr 6, 2017
Our guide, Isaac, was absolutely AMAZING. He was so informative with interesting facts, patient (with a group of 13!), helpful and making sure we were all safe with each of the stops (zip lining, rappelling), super nice, trustworthy and I wished he could have been our guide for all our excursions. He truly deserves a raise for the long hours he puts in.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Tonawanda, NY
Apr 6, 2017
Thanks to Marcel our guide throughout the zipline and cenotes!!!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Quebec, Canada
Mar 17, 2017
Would have been fun if we were allowed to rappel more than once! Tour guides were friendly and helpful! activities were a lot of fun!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Eugene, OR
Mar 8, 2017
Julio was awesome!!! So much fun on the activities and the food was delicious!!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Tucson AZ
Jan 25, 2017
Our guides were tremendous. Friendly and informative. Only criticism would be that we felt the tour was about two hours short. Would have liked another hour at the Tulum ruins site and an additional hour at the activities site.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Los Angeles, CA
Jan 24, 2017
Out your guide, Luis, was awesome! He was engaging, humourous and so patient with the younger members of our group. The activities were great, and the day just flew by. I would absolutely do this tour again, and highly recommend it to anyone.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Winnipeg, MB. Canada
Jan 10, 2017
The staff was amazing! It was fun, safe, and enjoyable. The zip lines were fantastic. I wish more time was allotted in Tulum. I did not get to see the whole place. However, I did get extremely sick from snorkeling in the cenote, which put a damper on the rest of my vacation. Travelers should be aware that this can cause stomach illness.
Score: Recommend: YES
from New York, NY
Dec 13, 2016
Was a great tour. The guides Isreal and Jose were great. Jose was very knowledge.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Buckeye
Nov 10, 2016
I had an amazing time!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Portland, Oregon
Aug 1, 2016
We had lots of fun. Julio made our day so exciting and fun.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Los Angeles
Jul 7, 2016
It was great! I was very nervous to do the ziplining and repelling,but Gustavo was patient and explained how yo do everything safely. We will definitely be back next year!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Texas
Jul 2, 2016
We had Carlos M. as a tour guide. He was awesome, he went above and beyond what was expected the whole day. He made the trip way more enjoyable and fun!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Dallas, Texas
Jun 28, 2016
Lots of fun and we had the best guide. Ask for Gabby! She was very informative and so much fun.
Score: Recommend: YES
Jun 23, 2016
The zip lining and cave snorkeling were both very good. The rappelling was shorter than expected but all in all good. We had to wait a long time at the staging area (nearly an hour) before we took the bus out to the site for the zip lines etc. I wish we had done the ruins first as it was very hot. So hot in fact that we did not complete the tour. However, the tour was very good. The guide was very knowledgable.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Kalispell, MT
Jun 23, 2016
Tour guides were courteous, personable and knowledgeable. The activities were enjoyable, although the time allotted for touring the Tulum archaeological site was a bit inadequate.
Score: Recommend: YES
from NJ, USA
Jun 11, 2016
It was a full day excursion, but you got to see and do a lot.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Fort Worth, Texas
Jun 6, 2016
It was an exciting and fun filled adventure. Our tour guide, Marcel, was very knowledgable and friendly. The meal provided was delicious and one of the best I had while in Cancun.
Score: Recommend: YES
from NC
May 24, 2016
Lots of fun.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Fairfield, California
Apr 4, 2016
The tour was incredible, exceeded expectations in every way possible. Would absolutely do this again.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Baltimore, MD
Apr 1, 2016
Carlos did an exceptional job. I really liked how your guide is your driver and goes with you to all of the excursions. It made me feel more comfortable and safe.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Minnesota
Mar 29, 2016
Gustavo was great! Made us feel safe and comfortable while continuously making us laugh. This was awesome and worth the money! Our tour guide in Tulum was exceptional, knowledgable and once again kept is laughing! Would definitely recommend to anyone staying in the area!
Score: Recommend: YES
from NY
Mar 23, 2016
Israel a.k.a Flash was an awesome tour guide and really made the whole day/experience well worth it!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Providence, RI
Feb 11, 2016
I HAD AN AMAZING TIME!!!!! From the beginning to the end. The tour guide was very informative and funny. The Maya Ruins was very educational, the coastline was BREATHTAKING, absolutely gorgeous, the propelling, zipling and snorkeling was so much fun. The snorkeling of the cenotes was beautiful, THE BEAUTY THAT LIES BELOW. I highly recommend this adventure.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Miami, FL
Feb 8, 2016
Thank you very much for the great time!!! It was just amazing!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Germany
Jan 31, 2016
Everything was awesome! From the travel, to meals, to staff, it exceeded all my expectations!
Score: Recommend: YES
from KY
Jan 11, 2016
Had a great time! Staff was very friendly.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Austin, TX
Dec 20, 2015
We had a great time on our excursion. Ziplining, repelling and snorkeling in the cenote were a fun start to the day. The guides were very helpful and kept things moving. Lunch was delicious. Our guide at Tulum was amazing! He shared the information in an interesting format and really help develop an appreciation for the Mayan culture. Fun day!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Phoenix, AZ
Nov 29, 2015
I especially enjoyed our tour guide of Tulum. She was amazing! Other tourists commented on how horrible their guide was. Our guide brought historical pictures and sample paper, translated EVERYTHING in Spanish and English, and made the entire tour historical and enjoyable. The other part of the tour I enjoyed was the underground cave. It was beautiful and memorable. I would do it again. I also enjoyed the zipline but was a bit surprised the repelling was down a tour. It felt a bit like being at a camp and less like being in Mexico. The food was good and appreciated the overall hospitality. Our guide, Ulysses was wonderful, insightful (a little history of Mexico), friendly and accommodating. I would recommend this to others. Thanks!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Emmaus, PA
Nov 7, 2015
We had pre-booked the Tulum Xtreme before we got to Cancun and once we had got there a booking agent a a shopping mall tried to convince us that the Tulum Xtreme was not worth it and we should cancel it as there were better ones out there. We did it anyway and had the most amazing day. We did a few other adventure type days while in Cancun but Tulum Xtreme was by far the best.
Score: Recommend: YES
from New Zealand
Oct 28, 2015
We had lots of fun
Score: Recommend: YES
from Santa ana, CA
Jul 15, 2015
Great tour guide (Moses!), and fun adventures. The tour guide at the ruins was very informative, and the jungle was fun and just enough time. The food was great, too!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Dallas, TX
Jun 6, 2015
Our driver/instructor Carlos was brilliant!
Score: Recommend: YES
from London, UK
May 26, 2015
Israel was a top notch guide. He made sure the group was comfortable with the activities and joked around making the day go by fast. Swimming in the Cenote was a favorite, as well as exploring Tulum. Our guide, Rafael, had tons of knowledge which made the ruins come alive. We will definitely do this excursion again when we visit Cancun again.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Grand Island, NE
May 26, 2015
Great tour. Highly recommend
Score: Recommend: YES
from Taiwan
May 25, 2015
The family had a blast on the zip line, rappel and swim. The food was amazing. Tulum, as always, was hot, but fun to visit.
Score: Recommend: YES
from SLC, UT
May 14, 2015
I had a great time! So, so fun!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Tennessee
Apr 10, 2015
Our guide was the best.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Seattle, WA
Apr 9, 2015
This was an amazing excursion. My boyfriend tried a lot of new things and we had a blast
Score: Recommend: YES
from Vermont
Mar 19, 2015
Excellent tour guide and customer service
Score: Recommend: YES
from Cupertino, CA
Jan 20, 2015
it was a lot of fun! I thought the tour guide in Tulum was extraordinary, he really made it interesting. Even my kids (16 and 17) found the information given about the history of Tulum to be interesting. The extreme adventures (rappelling and zipling) were a total blast, scary but they made us feel very safe and swimming in the cenote was just beautiful.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Northern NJ
Dec 9, 2014
Had a fantastic time! David and Julio were both terrific. If you are looking for adventure and beautiful surroundings, this tour is for you!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Austin, Texas
Oct 7, 2014
We had 9 people in our group and all enjoyed it. Tour guides were very knowledgeable in Tulum. The guides on the zip lines and repelling were also great. All around a great tour for all ages!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Nashville
Sep 12, 2014
I had two teenagers with me aged 17 and 14 - all of us had a great day and would highly recommend it. Great fun and well organised. Louise
Score: Recommend: YES
from ashford, kent
Sep 6, 2014
Had a fantastic time! Loved the activities and the guide!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Orange, CA
Jul 31, 2014
We had a great tour guide, Juan. He was entertaining and information. I would recommend this trip to anyone, unless you are afraid of heights. I was a little nervous with the zip line and rappelling, but it was easy. We all (husband and two daughters) had a great time.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Pennsylvania
Apr 7, 2014
I did this tour with my sister and we absolutely loved it. Our tour guide, Alex, was amazing, very knowledgeable and funny!! We met some very great people and thoroughly enjoyed this tour. It was exactly as described. We would recommend this tour to anyone who is up for a little adventure ;)
Score: Recommend: YES
from Victoria, Canada
Mar 19, 2014
Fantastic! was excellent trip our Guide (Eliu) was awesome- very personable helpful,full of humor & knowledge of the area. Whole day was a blast 4 activities in one day. Felt very safe even though high adventure activities: Repelling, cenote snorkeling, zipline and Tulium. Loved the fact that zipline stopped itself rather than with a stick (we had done ziplining a few years back) at another place. Liked the fact that same guide for the whole day - he did it all!Wow what an adventure! Will definitely go again.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Suburban Phila. PA.
Mar 14, 2014
I have an amazing excursion. Horasio was an amazing tour guide. Thanks for the adventure.
Score: Recommend: YES
Mar 5, 2014
Very awesome, filled with lots of fun activities!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Portland, OR
Mar 4, 2014
Great time. Would highly recommend it. Five stars.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Montreal, Canada
Feb 9, 2014
Enjoyed the different activities. Tour guide was funny and very knowledgeable and helpful.
Score: Recommend: YES
from San Jose, CA
Jan 23, 2014
We had an amazing time. Our guide Marcel was one of the best guides we've ever had. He's so passionate.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Seattle, WA USA
Dec 22, 2013
The first half of our day, we visited the Mayan ruin, Tulum, and it was phenomenal. My husband and I could not get enough of the ruin that is right off the shore, with a white sandy beach below. There were harmless iguanas everywhere and they were just as much exciting to see. The site was very warm, yet with a light breeze cooled us off. We had an opportunity to swim if we wanted to, but we did not know if there were any bathrooms or changing rooms near the beach. Julio was our tour guide and he was very knowledgeable about the history of the Mayan culture and Mexico over all. What made me appreciate the tour even more was that Julio is a Mayan who spoke three languages (Mayan, Spanish & English). He was not only knowledgeable about Mayan and Mexico history, but U.S. history and science as well. Tulum was an amazing and wonderful experience. The second half of our day, included physical activity that was not only exciting but adventurous. My husband, our teenage sons and I went repelling, zip lining, then swam & snorkeled in the cenote. Julio was very funny and entertaining throughout our entire tour. Our teenage sons RJ and Dylan loved him and repeated spoke how 'Cool' Julio is! Thank you Julio Martinez for the Awesome tour! RJ and Dylan will not forget you! From Dylan, RJ, Reggie and Anita!!!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Green Bay, Wisconsin
Dec 10, 2013
Jaqueen was great. We recommend this trip to several people from our wedding group and they went a few days later.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Tempe AZ
Nov 26, 2013
This was absolutely amazing! Horacio was an incredible tour guide - fun, knowledgable, funny... couldn't have asked for a more fun guide! My whole family went and I fully recommend it to anyone - family and all! I want to do it again!!!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Salt Lake City, UT
Oct 14, 2013
This was a great experience. We booked a different tour through another operator later in the week and were so disappointed because you guys blew us away with everything you had to offer. We will be back time and time again! Thanks for such a wonderful experience
Score: Recommend: YES
from Denver, CO
Oct 1, 2013
Fun experince. My kids loved it. Our guide Fannie was great and food was delicious
Score: Recommend: YES
from Irvine,Ca
Sep 6, 2013
Usylese was the best! We all had an amazing time. Will recommend to friends for sure!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Agawam, MA
Sep 2, 2013
it was a great experience for me and my family, everything was great, the sites, the activities, the staff and specially our tour guide Alex, what a wonderful person knowledgeable a joy to have and very sincere. Great job thank you I have already recommended you to my friends. On another note, my daughter was sick the day we were supposed to take this tour but your agency was so kind an understanding and the rescheduled me for another date. Thank you
Score: Recommend: YES
from Sunland, Ca
Aug 22, 2013
This activity was amazing!!! The tour itself was so much fun..The ziplining, rappelling and snorkeling in the Cenotes were unbelievable...Our guide Ivan was fantastic! He was knowledgeable, supportive, encouraging and so funny!!! It was one of the best days we had in Cancun!!!!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Sf, Ca.
Aug 6, 2013
My family and I had a great time. The staff was very friendly and courteous. Our driver Ivan was absolutely amazing, very knowledgeable and accommodating.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Santa Rosa, CA
Aug 3, 2013
Alex and Sergio were fantastic they love their job and they are the best. Thanks
Score: Recommend: YES
from Belleville Ontario
Aug 3, 2013
Great and safe adventure!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Toronto, ON
Jul 22, 2013
Great time was had by our family, our guides were great!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Kansas City
Jul 10, 2013
This was such a fun tour! Just enough time at Tulum, zip lining was a blast, and swimming in the cenote was incredible!! So nice to work with a small company instead of being one of 100 on a huge tour bus. The Mayan lunch was incredible and our guide was so fun! I would definitely recommend this company for a fantastic day!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Utah
May 22, 2013
Fanny and Alex were great. Thoroughly enjoyed our day and our guides!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Washington, DC
May 14, 2013
Great package. Starts off with Tulum education and visit. Elias was a passionate man who really had his heart in all things related to the Mayans. I hate heights but did zip lining and the staff was so good they even got me to rappell off the tower two times.
Score: Recommend: YES
May 10, 2013
My boyfriend and I had a wonderful time on this tour. Juaquin was an exceptional tour guide with a very pleasant personality. We would definitely recommend this tour to anyone seeking a little adrenaline rush mixed with beautiful scenery and a Class A guide team.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Green Bay, WI
May 6, 2013
I highly recommend this trip. Truly worth the money. The guides and driver went out of their way to make this a great trip for us. Israel was our driver for the day and our guide for part of the trip. He made us all feel like family. Take this trip it is worth the time and money.
Score: Recommend: YES
from NY
May 5, 2013
We had a great experience, it had a little bit for everyone(seeing the ruins, snorkeling & zip lining) and the tour guides were all wonderful especially Ian! It was a lot of fun, would recommend to anyone!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Syracuse, New York
Apr 17, 2013
Such a great time! Love it all, including our guides.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Georgia
Apr 3, 2013
We had so much fun on our Tulum Xtreme adventure! We had an amazing tour guide names Izzy. He was fun, welcoming, knowledgeable, and hilarious! The trip to Tulum was beautiful! Also, cave diving, zip-lining, and rappelling were scary and fun! The transportation was good and we felt safe the whole time, and had so much fun! Thanks to Izzy for being such a great guide!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Minnesota
Feb 22, 2013
Booked online, happy that our group was small (13 people) Things were run really smoothly. You do need to be able to walk up a bunch of stairs, but it was super fun!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Orem UT
Feb 5, 2013
The tour was great!!! Cricket our tour guide was outstanding! The activities were planned and the lunch provided was absolutely delicious.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Chicago, IL
Jan 15, 2013
We had a lot of fun and would definitely book the trip again.
Score: Recommend: YES
from portland ,Oregon
Jan 3, 2013
Tour guide was awesome. This was a fun activity and would recommend it to anyone!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Idaho
Jul 1, 2012
What a GREAT tour!! We had awesome tour guides and so much fun!! I would recommend this to anyone who is active (young and old)!!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Charleston, SC
May 17, 2012
We had a wonderful time and Carlos was absolutely AMAZING!!!!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Texas
May 14, 2012
Awesome activities, great food, fantastic guides. All around awesome day. My whole family loved it.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Wisconsin
Apr 12, 2012
Our tour guide, Ricardo, was very knowledgeable and energized! Without him our trip would not have been the same! Thanks Ricardo!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Lincoln, NE
Apr 1, 2012
We had a great time! Our guide was phenomenal! So knowledgable about the history.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Missouri
Mar 14, 2012
My friend and I went on the Tulum Extreme tour in late February 2012. We had an amazing time. Our guide Carlos was hilarious, and very knowledgeable and taught us so much about the jungle, including the plants and animals, the cenotes, and the surrounding communities. He did a fantastic job to make us feel comfortable and safe during all of the activities, and made sure that he got to know each and every one of us in our group. We were in a group of eight, which was perfect, as we all got to know each other, and had a great time exploring the jungle and Tulum ruins together. The paprazzi that were taking our pictures in the jungle got some great shots, and made sure to make us laugh and have a great time in our pictures. Jorge was especially fun. I highly recommend purchasing the disk of pictures. It was a nice touch and so worth the money. We were sad when we had to leave Carlos at the end of the day. The lunch that was provided for us in the jungle was great! Our tour guide in Tulum was incredibly informative. He was able to paint a vivid picture of what life would have been like for the Mayans in the ancient cities. The whole tour was so well organized. From the pick up at our hotel until we were dropped off we felt safe and well taken care of. It was one of the best excursions I've ever been on! Thank you for a wonderful, one of a kind experience!!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Toronto, ON, Canada
Mar 12, 2012
Where to begin...? Every aspect of the excursion was extremely well planned and for the most part, on schedule. Our guide, Alf, was amazingly informative, approachable and friendly. The entire experience was invaluable and great value for the money. I personally wished the cenote portion of the tour was a bit longer as the underwater river system was fascinating. Will definitely return and do one of their more adventurous packages. Highly recommended!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Chicago, IL
Jan 5, 2012

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