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Tulum Xtreme

Adventure at an archaeological site by the sea

  • Tulum Xtreme Adventure Tour
  • Adventure activities in Tulum Xtreme
  • Visiting the Mayan ruins
  • Swimming into cenotes
  • Zip line fun at the canopy
  • Rappeling into a cenote
  • Visiting the Mayan ruins of Tulum
  • Snorkeling in the Caves
  • Great choice when traveling with kids

A perfect combination of culture and adventure in this great tour: Tulum ruins, zip lines, rappel, cenote and a lot of fun in the Mayan jungle and facing the Caribbean Sea!

Fly 21 meters (70 feet) above the Mayan jungle canopy on a 765-meter (2,525 ft) zip line ride! Then we will prepare and gear you up to rappel 18 m. (60 ft.) into the the mayan jungle. Swim and snorkel while exploring the astounding rock formations of a mystical Mayan underground river.

Delight yourself with a delicious typical Mexican lunch surrounded by the sounds of nature that will await you at the end of your jungle adventure at Tulum Mexico.

Travel back in time and admire the beauty of the archaeological site of Tulum, where a certified guide will make you feel part of history while you tour around this ceremonial center. The guides will accompany you at all times sharing information regarding local traditions, flora and fauna, making sure you experience an XTREME day.

Technical Data
- Seven ziplines circuit of 18 to 30 mts / 59 to 109 ft. height .
- Five different flying styles:(Hammock, Papantla, Coatí, Toh bird, Regular)
- Cable length: 163 to 376 mts. / 535 to 1234 ft.
- Rappel height: 20 mts. / 65 ft.

Harness size:
- Small (simba) 35 – 60 cm. / 13 – 23 inch. of waist.
- Medium (pandion) 53 – 120 cm. / 20- 47 inch. of waist.
- Large (aspir) 60 - 120 cm. / 23 – 47 inch. of waist.
- Extra large (falcon) 83 – 120 cm. / 32 – 47 inch. of waist .

Overall rating: (115 Reviews)

Our tour guide Mariano was very funny and friendly. The food was very good. Me, and the rest of the people in the same group were under the impression that you repelled into the cave... Not just a random spot on top of a zip line tower. I think the rappelling should really just be taken out, it took up too much time for such a little activity. The cave was amazing and I wish we had spent all the rappelling time in the cave as it seemed we were only in the cave for 15 minutes. Score: Recommend: YES Jul 8, 2019
Orlando was our tour guide and he did such a great job with giving us a fun day of adventure! Score: Recommend: YES Jul 2, 2019
Our guide from Adventura Mayas, Erika, was fantastic! The whole day was filled with history, adventure, laughs, and an all around great time. Score: Recommend: YES Jun 25, 2019
My group and I had a great time on the Xtreme + Tulum tour! I highly recommend to anyone looking for an all day excursion packed with thrilling & fun activities! Score: Recommend: YES Jun 17, 2019
Our guide Flash was absolutely amazing. All the actives were educational and fun because of him. Score: Recommend: YES Jun 16, 2019
Sabino was our tour guide and he was amazing. The tour was very well organized, highly informational, and so much fun. Everyone who worked for the company was friendly and kind too. We highly recommend this excursion and the company. Score: Recommend: YES Apr 30, 2019
Flash was an awesome guide, very friendly, informational, overall great guy!!! All activities were excellent and we greatly enjoyed the tour. My family had a blast!! Score: Recommend: YES Mar 15, 2019
I was recommended this tour by my uncle and his family. Great tour, day went by fast and the lunch was delicious. Jose (Joe) was our guide and he was wonderful! Score: Recommend: YES Mar 13, 2019
Great tour. Very well organized, safe, and fun! Our guide Erika was outstanding! Score: Recommend: YES Feb 28, 2019
Monica and Chiro gave my family a very good experience to Tulum and adventure park. Monica was extremely helpful with my two little kids under 6. Score: Recommend: YES Feb 25, 2019
Our guide Monica from Adventuras Mayas was great! She was very informative and knowledgeable. Score: Recommend: YES Feb 23, 2019
This was amazing! I loved every minute of it! It was fun and educational! The food was delicious. You provided umbrellas and water that really helped on such a hot day. Score: Recommend: YES Oct 2, 2018
This tour was one of the highlights of our trip!!! So so so much fun! Great guides and wonderful activities! Score: Recommend: YES May 19, 2018
Rigo and Alex did a fantastic job treating us as family. The tour guide that took us on the tour of the ruins (sorry I forgot her name) she as well was very knowledgable and great.Major kudos to them. Score: Recommend: YES May 4, 2018
Hector was an awesome guide Score: Recommend: YES May 3, 2018
Flash was amazing and you could tell how proud he is at what he does! It was a pleasure to be in his group! Score: Recommend: YES Mar 16, 2018
was enjoyable. Score: Recommend: YES Feb 23, 2018
Our tour was amazing Score: Recommend: YES Feb 10, 2018
We had a great time on the Tulum Xtreme tour. The ruins were great and the activities that followed were a blast. Gustavo was an amazing guide while walking through the ruins and Carlos was awesome during the zip lining, rappelling, and Cenote swim. All in all, I would recommend this adventure trip to everyone. Score: Recommend: YES Jan 15, 2018
We had a great time on our Tulum Extreme adventure tour! Our tour guide, Rodrigo, was amazing- very funny, and knowledgeable. Score: Recommend: YES Jan 14, 2018
Perfect Score: Recommend: YES Jan 9, 2018
Our Driver and Tour Guides, both at Telum and activities site, were tremendous. Tipped them well to share our appreciation but you should be aware of how strongly we feel that a tour like this can be made or not by the people involved. These guys were great and I would recommend them to anyone. Score: Recommend: YES Jan 3, 2018
Our guide was amazing. Very informative and friendly. Score: Recommend: YES Dec 4, 2017
Excellent guides and activities, just would have liked more time at Tulum Score: Recommend: YES Nov 29, 2017
Our group leader was great! Our experience was one of a kind. Score: Recommend: YES Sep 7, 2017
Flash was the best! Really knowledgable, entertaining, and funny! Score: Recommend: YES Jul 19, 2017
Make sure that people know at the beginning of the trip not to put in sunscreen or bug spray for the cenote. Score: Recommend: YES Jul 12, 2017
CARLOS WAS INCREDIBLE!! So knowledgeable and so fun. He really made the trip ( which itself was a blast) even more fun! Can't wait to come back. Score: Recommend: YES Jun 28, 2017
A very good experience and the best tour guy Henry. Score: Recommend: YES Jun 8, 2017
I would've appreciated more time to go swimming in mayans ruins beach. It was a hot day in the ocean was beckoning for us to jump in. We had 3 to 5 really slow people in our group who held up our group. Score: Recommend: YES Jun 5, 2017
Had an amazing time in Tulum. The guide was highly knowledgable and fun. Very good energy. Our driver really went the extra mile. A gorgeous once in a lifetime experience no doubt. Highly recomended. Score: Recommend: YES May 31, 2017
Absolutely amazing! Score: Recommend: YES Apr 6, 2017
Our guide, Isaac, was absolutely AMAZING. He was so informative with interesting facts, patient (with a group of 13!), helpful and making sure we were all safe with each of the stops (zip lining, rappelling), super nice, trustworthy and I wished he could have been our guide for all our excursions. He truly deserves a raise for the long hours he puts in. Score: Recommend: YES Apr 6, 2017
Thanks to Marcel our guide throughout the zipline and cenotes!!! Score: Recommend: YES Mar 17, 2017
Would have been fun if we were allowed to rappel more than once! Tour guides were friendly and helpful! activities were a lot of fun! Score: Recommend: YES Mar 8, 2017
Julio was awesome!!! So much fun on the activities and the food was delicious!! Score: Recommend: YES Jan 25, 2017
Our guides were tremendous. Friendly and informative. Only criticism would be that we felt the tour was about two hours short. Would have liked another hour at the Tulum ruins site and an additional hour at the activities site. Score: Recommend: YES Jan 24, 2017
Out your guide, Luis, was awesome! He was engaging, humourous and so patient with the younger members of our group. The activities were great, and the day just flew by. I would absolutely do this tour again, and highly recommend it to anyone. Score: Recommend: YES Jan 10, 2017
The staff was amazing! It was fun, safe, and enjoyable. The zip lines were fantastic. I wish more time was allotted in Tulum. I did not get to see the whole place. However, I did get extremely sick from snorkeling in the cenote, which put a damper on the rest of my vacation. Travelers should be aware that this can cause stomach illness. Score: Recommend: YES Dec 13, 2016
Was a great tour. The guides Isreal and Jose were great. Jose was very knowledge. Score: Recommend: YES Nov 10, 2016
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