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Chichen Itza and Valladolid - Xichen

Premium All Inclusive Tour

  • Free time at the ruins
  • San Gervasio Cathedral in Valladolid
  • Chichen Itza Yucatan Tour
  • Observatory at Chichen Itza
  • Temple of Warriors at Chichen Itza
  • Modern and comfortable bus
  • Pyramid Top at Chichen
  • Breakfast on the bus
  • Mayan snake
  • Main downtown Plaza Valladolid Yucatan
  • San Bernardino ex Convent
  • Deluxe bus with flat screen and restrooms
  • Unlimited beverages on the road
  • Valladolid Yucatan Streets
  • Guide talk at Chichen Itza
  • Restaurant buffet in Valladolid
  • Umbrellas available during walk

A fascinating tour to the sacred city of the Mayan culture! This is an exclusive guided tour to the archaeological site of Chichen Itza and the colonial city of Valladolid.

Board our deluxe bus, featuring reclining seats, video screens, 2 restrooms, a fridge and air-conditioning, and ride in comfort into the central Yucatan while you enjoy a light breakfast on board.
The first stop on our tour is Chichen Itza, an incredible monument to centuries past. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was recently voted as one of the new Wonders of the World. Well take a guided tour of the ruins site and learn about the fascinating world of the Mayas.

Then well head to Valladolid, a colonial Mexican town surrounded by picturesque, beautiful and captivating corners worth visiting, such as a Mayan Cenote, Downtown and San Gervasio Cathedral

At Valladolid you will enjoy a gourmet all-inclusive lunch at a Mayan restaurant, an exquisite variety of Yucatan specialties, as well as the best Mexican and international cuisine.

Well finish off the tour with a visit to the beautiful Zaci cenote. Then the bar is open on board the bus (beer, soft drinks and water) for a comfortable ride back to Cancun.

Attractions at Chichen Itza:
El Castillo or Kukulcan Pyramid, Great Ball Court, Temple of the Warriors, Sacred Cenote, Observatory, The Nunnery and the group of Thousand Columns.

Attractions at Valladolid:
Main Plaza, San Gervasio Cathedral and mayan cenote Zaci.

Overall rating: (149 Reviews)

A well planned trip (thanks for having umbrellas that we could use in the sunshine at Chichen Itza, and for the cold drinks that were always readily available) and a very knowledgeable and entertaining tour guide (Jorge?) that turned the excursions in to a memory I'll cherish for a long time. Score: Recommend: YES May 5, 2019
Great value tour with a fantastic and very knowledgeable guide. I would recommend if you're interested in Mexico's vibrant history. Score: Recommend: YES Apr 24, 2019
All the tour representatives were so helpful, informative, and polite! I am sincere when I say this tour was the best experience of my trip. I am already planning to return within the year and will most definitely book another tour! Much appreciated! Score: Recommend: YES Feb 20, 2019
Jorge was very knowledgeable and was able to keep group together. Love the the hearing buds and receiver . Keeps the distraction of background noise. Score: Recommend: YES Feb 12, 2019
Overall good tour. Met expectations. Score: Recommend: YES Feb 7, 2019
I do not know if I read the itinerary for the day, but I did not know Chichen Itza was so far away! Was a huge day on the bus. Felt like sat on the bus more than site seeing. Still a fantastic tour with amazing tour guides. Probably my fault for not researching a bit more Score: Recommend: YES Jan 15, 2019
I was on bus 217 (Dec 26). The driver and guide were both professional and welcoming Score: Recommend: YES Jan 2, 2019
Everything was great! Well organized, punctual, knowledgeable, polite, and the food was amazing. Score: Recommend: YES Dec 21, 2018
Chichen Itza tour was a wonderful experience. Our tour guides explained what to expect and all the historical significance of everything we were seeing. The buffet lunch at Valladolid was excellent. A good variety of different foods to try. Having a small meal at the start and plenty of drinks throughout the tour was a plus. Score: Recommend: YES Dec 7, 2018
The guide in the bus and the site were superb Score: Recommend: YES Nov 28, 2018
Our guide Angel was awesome as was Chichen Itza. The food at the restaurant in Valladolid great, too. Score: Recommend: YES Nov 13, 2018
Overall, it met our expectations. Comfortable bus. It was unfortunate that we felt rushed most of the time though. Our English guide Jesus was knowledgeable. We also appreciated his tequila and mezcal recommendations. :) Score: Recommend: YES Oct 24, 2018
Angel did a great job as tour guide. Score: Recommend: YES Oct 16, 2018
The guides Eduardo and Edgar were very knowledgeable about Mayan Civilization! They were helpful on the but! My only complaint was that the bus was very cold, uncomfortably so! Score: Recommend: YES Aug 21, 2018
I enjoyed the tour very much. The coach was comfortable and the tour moved smoothly. Very informative and well paced. Would recommend! Score: Recommend: YES Jul 16, 2018
The visit to Chichen itza although a long journey is well worth the drive, hosts were very accommodating a the time passed quickly. The meal and visit to the town afterwards was rushed and not much time to look round although given the day trip is already 12hrs long this would only prolong what is already an exhausting day especially if very hot on the day you visit. Score: Recommend: YES Jun 15, 2018
Great tour. Professional respectful funny knowledgeable tour guides. We wished we were given 30 minutes to swim in the Cenote. Chicken Itza & Villadolid were lots of fun & we enjoyed them a lot. I highly recommend it and will use your outfit for any future tours in Cancun. Thank you Score: Recommend: YES Jun 7, 2018
Despite a long bus ride and surface-of-the-sun heat, this was our absolutely favorite day of vacation. Enrique and Arturo were great guides and we loved learning the history of Chichen Itza, even before setting foot on the grounds. There was so much more to see than I imagined and I was so glad for a guided tour before exploring on our own. After a welcome few minutes on the air conditioned bus, we loved the cenote. No matter how many pictures we took, we couldn't capture its massive beauty. And Valladolid was just charming. The lunch was delicious and we really enjoyed having time to wander and shop. All in all, a really great experience. Highly recommend!! Score: Recommend: YES Jun 7, 2018
The tour itself was awesome, I wish we spent more time in Valladolid. The tour guides were awesome, friendly, funny and very knowledgeable. The bus said they would be there at 7am and were there 7 sharp, they don't mess around. The drive to Chichen Itza was 2 1/2 hrs but we we’re well take. Care of. I will definitely use company again. Score: Recommend: YES Jun 5, 2018
Great tour. The extra comfort was well worth the extra money Score: Recommend: YES May 21, 2018
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