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Coba - Mayan Experience

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This is an expedition to the Mayan culture. Visit the archaeological site of Coba and get inside the way of life of the Maya.

If you are interested in knowing not only the ruins, but also the culture and life of modern Maya, you should do this tour. This tour begins afternoon, a good choice if you have other activity earlier. You will be picked up in your hotel or near point around 12:30 pm and drop off around 9 pm.

Our tour starts passing by all passengers from 12:30 pm - 2:00 pm in the lobbies of most hotels in Cancun and Riviera Maya. Once were all on board, depart to Coba without stopping.

- COBA ARCHAEOLOGICAL SITE (3:00 PM-5: 00 PM): Live a unique experience in which we approach the art, archeology and mysticism of the Maya. Through a guided tour through the trails of the archaeological site of Coba, meet the remains of one of the largest pre-Hispanic cities in Mesoamerica. At Coba you will have the chance to climb the tallest pyramid in the region and enjoy the unforgettable views of the towering forest that surrounds it.

- MAYA POTTERY WORKSHOP (5:00 PM - 6:00 PM): At the end of guided tour of the site, participate in a Mayan pottery workshop in which children of different ages participate in the rescue of one of the oldest traditions of this great culture: the Pottery, using the mud of Lake Coba .

- DINNER IN FRONT OF THE LAGOON Enjoy the sunset (6:00 PM - 7:00 PM): The regional cuisine could not stay out of this experience is why we have prepared for you a delicious typical dinner, while enjoying the sunset view on the reflection of the lagoon.

- MAYAN THEATER - Ball game and representation of passages from the Popol Vuh and Chilam Balam, sacred Mayan books (7:00 PM-8:00 PM)

To end this expedition will be our guest to a performance of excerpts from the Popol Vuh and Chilam Balam, Mayan spoken native artists and musicians who will call us a passage from the sacred book Popol Vuh and Chilam Balam, in which the mythical divine twins defeat the lord of the underworld in the ball game.

* Features original designs costumes, dialogues in Maya, live music and game ball. The setting is a magical open cenote.

Overall rating: (8 Reviews)

This tour was excellent! From start to finish....highly recommended.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Nova Scotia, Canada
Apr 23, 2016
We were picked up from our hotel right on time. The 2 tour guides, who both grew up in Coba, were very knowledgeable and gave valuable information with a great sense of humor. The site is very well preserved and you get a great sense of history at the various structures. We loved the option to explore the site by bike, felt fortunate to still be able to climb the temple; cherished the visit to a local family; and loved the evening show with a demonstration of the Mayan ball game and rituals surrounding it.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Washington State, USA
Mar 4, 2016
Climbing up to the COBA Mayan Ruin was a great experience.
Score: Recommend: YES
from San Francisco, CA
Feb 26, 2016
Good experience even knowing Mayan people
Score: Recommend: YES
from Indiana
Jan 3, 2015
The tour was terrific. The ruins are spectacular. Standing at the bottom of the great pyramid made you feel so insignificant for its enormity. Made you wonder how the Mayans were able to build such spectacular buildings and cities. Well worth the time and expense.
Score: Recommend: YES
Sep 6, 2014
We loved this trip -getting to climb Coba, which was a test the steps are very rocky but the view was worth it all. The tour guide, Sergio was awesome and our van driver was great. We got a flat tire and they both took care of it quickly and with a great sense of humor. After visiting Coba we had a choice of visiting a cenote (water sink hole), zip-lining or visiting with a Mayan instructor to learn about pottery making. We chose all 3 activities so much fun. We also had a great dinner and lastly we went to a very secluded place in the jungle to see an authentic Mayan ceremony and ball playing - very exciting and a wonderful end to a great day. Again thank you Sergio for making this tour so memorable and fun!!!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Sacramento, Ca.
Feb 27, 2013
Very informative tour. Tour Guide very knowledgeable. Enjoyed the pottery workshop.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Lockport, Manitoba Canada
Feb 11, 2012
The Mayan performance was something I iwll not forget for the rest of my life!!! Thank you!
Score: Recommend: YES
from San Francisco,CA
Feb 3, 2012

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