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Maroma Catamaran and Reef Snorkel Deluxe

  • Enjoy snorkeling in paradise
  • Catamaran in Maroma beach
  • Enjoy a delicious lobster lunch
  • Snorkel in Riviera Maya reef
  • Join our chef and staff
  • Snokel in the Caribbean Sea
  • Discover a marine life
  • The lunch is ready

See the impressive marine life in one of the most famous reefs near one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, then enjoy an exquisite lobster meal and national open bar.

Guided by experts, you will sail on a catamaran over warm turquoise waters, to enjoy Maroma Beachs beautiful biodiversity and species of multicolor fish. If you like the feeling of an adrenaline rush, you will love to fly on the spinnaker: a sail attached to the catamaran that will be lifted a few meters off the water by the wind, offering an incredible view of the Caribbean Sea.

This amazing experience is complemented with an exquisite lobster meal or a fresh combination of surf & turf, beverages and national open bar. With a personalized service your only concern will be to have fun!

Overall rating: (15 Reviews)

We loved this tour. This is the second time we have done this same tour and it was excellent both times. Staff is great and the food was wonderful. Score: Recommend: YES Sep 18, 2019
This trip was amazing. The customer service was top notch, both diving locations were within a few feet of the reef, and the food was great for the money. We ended up spending the whole day hanging out at this location and honestly I wish I'd booked multiple trips through this service. Score: Recommend: YES Jul 11, 2019
We really enjoyed this tour. The food exceeded expectations. It was amazing! Score: Recommend: YES Jun 27, 2019
The only disappointing thing was being told that beer was part of the package on the catamaran. Eventually about 8 cans were offered to all those on board Score: Recommend: YES Aug 14, 2018
Excellent tour. Snorkeling was great and the surf and turf lunch was amazing!!! Score: Recommend: YES Mar 1, 2017
Such a great excursion! Really good guides, transportation and equipment. I loved that it was a shorter excursion not all day it was the perfect length! Score: Recommend: YES Feb 11, 2017
The tour was great, the guide was wonderful because he knew where all of the fish were and even brought fish food! I swam with a sea turtle! the only negative was the lobster lunch, lobster was overcooked and had no flavor. I would recommend just getting the buffet that's included. Score: Recommend: YES Feb 10, 2017
Our lobster & potatoes were cold and we finished our meal before our 2 other friends even received their steaks they had ordered.The guide and boat were both great. Score: Recommend: YES Dec 14, 2016
We had a wonderful time snorkeling. We saw tons of beautiful fish. And the lobster lunch was outstanding. I would do this tour again. Score: Recommend: YES Sep 29, 2016
Very nice crew. Amazing food. Not the most colorful fish/reef but still very nice. Gorgeous beach where you eat your lunch, looks like Bora Bora! Score: Recommend: YES Jan 27, 2016
The lobster lunch was absolutely amazing! This is some of the best food I have ever had. The catamaran was amazing and the guides were super friendly and great. I had the best experience and would highly recommend this tour. Score: Recommend: YES Nov 25, 2015
Great food. Really good snorkeling. Score: Recommend: YES Jun 18, 2015
An awesome experience! Will do it again Score: Recommend: YES Mar 19, 2015
This was a great tour! Very exclusive and private, great for couples who want to relax and have a good time! Score: Recommend: YES Jul 2, 2014
Fantastic snorkelling sites, fantastic food , fantastic day Score: Recommend: YES Aug 27, 2013
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