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Tulum Express

  • walled city
  • live the magic of the Mayan ruins of Tulum
  • The Frescos Temple
  • ancient mayan city view
  • Descending God Temple
  • Tulum Mayan Ruins

Half day tour to the magical Mayan ruins of Tulum located in one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.

The perfect tour for those wishing to visit part of the Mayan culture and enjoy one of the best views of the Mexican Caribbean, returning to their hotel early in order to be able to enjoy the rest of the day relaxing.

Tulum is magical, the turquoise color from the Caribbean sea beside the ruins make this visit unforgettable.

You will get a guided tour of the ruins site by expert guides, giving you an in-depth understanding of the significance of this city from centuries past, and the Mayan culture that it contained.

You will be picked up in your hotel in Cancun or the Riviera Maya and back approximately at 2:00-2:30 p.m.

Overall rating: (70 Reviews)

The Tulum Express tour was very enjoyable. The van picked us up right on time and took us to the bigger bus for the ride to Tulum. Mary the tour guide was very knowledgeable and helpful. Just a note, if you plan on doing much shopping when you arrive, you should take a longer tour. There is too much to see and do to do much shopping on your way out
Score: Recommend: YES
from Indianapolis
Jan 9, 2017
The tour guide was really good. Lots of helpful information. Pretty good English. The tour duration was perfect for us, just half-day for the whole tour from hotel back to hotel.
Score: Recommend: YES
from TX
Jan 5, 2017
It was my second trip to Tulum. On this tour I learned new things that reinforced what I had learned before from books and the previous trip. I found the experience illuminating and well worth the trip
Score: Recommend: YES
from Carrollton
Dec 28, 2016
Our tour guide was very informative and friendly.
Score: Recommend: YES
from New Orleans, LA
Dec 25, 2016
The bus seats were too narrow which made the long ride uncomfortable. Tulum was very interesting. The tour lasted much longer than expected. I don't think the word Express is fitting. I also did not care for the shopping area before and after the ruins. Pushy vendors with too much time not spent in the small site. The actual tour time should be shortened. The guide was great and very informative. I did learn quite a bit.
Score: Recommend: NO
from Utah
Dec 9, 2016
My husband and I enjoyed this tour tremendously! If I had any advice I would say do the whole day tour instead of just half day, there is so much to see and a half day doesn't do it justice!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Santa Barbara, CA
Dec 5, 2016
Really excellent tour guide and good value for money.
Score: Recommend: YES
Nov 11, 2016
Very thorough and to the point. We were updated about our arrival and departure from the resort to Tulum. Ana was a great person to be with very thorough and gave us time to look around by ourselves and explore.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Omaha, Ne
Nov 10, 2016
It's a great Half day tour. Excelllent guide and Great coach. It's you have limited time, take this tour
Score: Recommend: YES
from Sydney australia
Oct 23, 2016
My tour guide was so knowledgeable. Would recommend this tour to everyone.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Denver, Colorado
Oct 23, 2016
Tour Guide was excellent and knowledgeable
Score: Recommend: YES
from Melbourne, Australia
Oct 23, 2016
Our guide was knowledgeable and friendly.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Wa
Oct 18, 2016
Our tour guide was very friendly and knowledgeable! Had a issue with the bus but they fixed it right away. They ended up sending two vans instead and we got back to our hotel faster for this reason.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Indianapolis, IN
Sep 26, 2016
Great tour and group leader. Good value for the price.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Toledo, ohio
Sep 20, 2016
I LOVED OUR TOUR GUIDE! I wish I didn't forget his name. My favorite part was to have that little extra time to enjoy the beautiful beach in Tulum!
Score: Recommend: YES
from San Jose, CA
Sep 15, 2016
Tour at the ruins was long enough for my two toddlers to keep calm for most of the tour. If you have young children though, maybe a private tour would be a better option. It took us two hours to get to Tulum from our resort, even though it was only 45 minutes away. This is because we had to go to other Resorts to pick up more people to fill out the Van. Also since children under 5 don't pay for the tour, there's no guarantee there will get seat on the van. On our way to Tulum, they both had to seat in our laps.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Virginia. USA
Sep 14, 2016
Our tour was wonderful, and our guide was very knowledgeable about the history of the site and Mayan history in general, which I loved. The only thing I might recommend (as odd as it sounds) is turning up the air conditioning in the van. My husband and I were the last to get picked up so we were sitting in the back of the van and there was zero air circulation. It's a good thing that I had Dramamine in my purse or we both would have probably been sick in the back of the van. It was 90+ degrees the day of our tour and about 90% humidity.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Kalamazoo, MI
Sep 14, 2016
Make sure to pack a hat, water and sunscreen, especially if you're going in the morning as there is little opportunity to stand under shaded spots. Beach with the cliff leading down to the water was amazing and well worth the tour. Mayan ruins were amazing as well. The guided tour provided us with historical information that we would otherwise not have known and experienced while viewing the ruins.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Toronto, CA
Sep 13, 2016
Our tour guide was very friendly and informative. We had a great time at Tulum. It was only half day and we were able to get back early enough to do other activities.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Brooklyn, New York
Sep 12, 2016
Great tour!
Score: Recommend: YES
from WY
Sep 10, 2016
The guides were wonderful. They gave a thorough explanation of what to expect and the logistics on the bus ride out as well as a brief overview of Tulum. They provided helpful tips about making sure to purchase powers de as well as insect repellant. They were friendly and very knowledgable. The bus was comfortable and both guides were super personable. I remember Mary and she was great!!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Cleveland,Ohio
Sep 10, 2016
Great tour!
Score: Recommend: YES
from WY
Sep 9, 2016
It was perfect for a half day tour, educational and beautiful views
Score: Recommend: YES
from New Jersey
Jul 8, 2016
The tour was the right amount of time and the travel distance was not that far. The tour guide at the park was very knowledgeable and personal.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Boston, MA
Jul 8, 2016
It was a nice tour. It was really hot and humid that day. The guide was really nice.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Los angels
Jun 29, 2016
Great tour, right amount of time, great guides/driver/bus
Score: Recommend: YES
from New York
May 25, 2016
Loved the crew Marie along with the other guys. Very comfortable temperature in the bus. Very nice. Thank you.
Score: Recommend: YES
from St. Louis
May 14, 2016
Score: Recommend: YES
from Austria
Mar 30, 2016
Buen servicio, guia muy amable e instruida
Score: Recommend: YES
from Uruguay
Feb 26, 2016
Fantastic tour! Our guide, Mari, was amazing. Very knowledgeable.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Indiana
Feb 26, 2016
The Tulum Express was timed to perfection.
Score: Recommend: YES
Feb 19, 2016
The tour guide was amazing. Tulum is gorgeous. This tour is short and efficient, and you get a lot given the money you pay for it.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Washington, D.C.
Jan 21, 2016
Was really good!
Score: Recommend: YES
from London,UK
Jan 18, 2016
We absolutely loved Tulum! Our tour guide was excellent, and the ruins are so beautiful. Thanks for such a wonderful day. We were so glad we saw the ruins before Justin Beiber got there!!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Sarasota, Florida
Jan 14, 2016
Great tour! Very knowledgeable tour guide.
Score: Recommend: YES
from New York City
Jan 12, 2016
If you want to enjoy Tulum, this is the way to go. The service was professional and tour length was perfect
Score: Recommend: YES
from Seattle
Jan 11, 2016
Very convenient to arrange and pay before we traveled so all we had to do was meet the bus in the morning. Very nice, clean bus. Knowledgeable guide and professional driver. Tulum was incredible and there was plenty of shopping and places to eat on the outskirts of the park. We thoroughly enjoyed the half day tour.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Florida
Nov 27, 2015
I would strongly recommend Tulum Express tour to family having small kids.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Washington DC
Nov 6, 2015
Great tour...good balance between guided and free time.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Georgetown, Tx
Jun 19, 2015
Definitely a great experience!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Miami, FL
Jun 4, 2015
Perfect day! Well organized.Very informative.Thanks.
Score: Recommend: YES
from UK
May 24, 2015
The guides and driver was great. I loved hearing everything in Spanish and English. It was a perfect trip for the limited time I have while in Cancun.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Johnson City TN
May 23, 2015
Great tour for a great price!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Mountain Top, PA
Apr 7, 2015
Mary was wonderful. She was knowlegable and fun. The tour was the perfect amount of time as it does not take up an entire day. The bus was comfortable as well.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Phoenix, Az
Mar 16, 2015
Our tour guide Mary or Maria was wonderful and informative. We will definitely use Cancun Adventure again.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Boston, MA
Feb 11, 2015
Our guide went beyond helpful. Besides the tour, we were told by a friend to get a specific souvenir to commemorate our wedding date in the Mayan calendar. We were in a panic and couldn't find it before our bus was set to leave, so our guide led us through several shops and stayed with us while it was being made to be sure we didn't miss the bus.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Columbia MD
Dec 26, 2014
Lots of fun! Our guide was super well versed in the history of the ruins, citing researchers, ancient documents, historians, new nat geo documentaries, etc. with not just factiods, but socio-political theories, demography and theology. He was fantastic and really made the experience rich.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Chicago, IL
Dec 23, 2014
Great tour. Everything was very organized and very informational. The tour guide was great!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Los Angeles, CA
Dec 10, 2014
Great Trip, Great Tour Guide and Driver. Thanks,
Score: Recommend: YES
from Salt Lake City UT
Dec 2, 2014
Tour guide very informative, plus spoke good English
Score: Recommend: YES
from California
Oct 2, 2014
We had a great time and learned a lot about the people who built and lived in the city of Tulum. Incredible to think that these people knew so much about the stars, numbers and commerce without the use of the wheel and tools! Also interesting to think that these same people resorted to sacrifice to encourage their "Gods" to help them. I only wish that we could have had more time to really explore the area.
Score: Recommend: YES
from New Mexico
Sep 29, 2014
The Tulum Express tour was a good way to have an excursion as part of a relaxing Cancun vacation while being able to be back at the pool in the afternoon. The bus ride was comfortable (there is a restroom on board) and we were given lots of information. The guide was easy to understand in English and Spanish. Tulum itself was very impressive and we were glad we got to see it. Only notes for people considering this trip: We went the first week in September and it was SOO hot. Definitely bring a hat and sunscreen and water and expect to be very sweaty. Also the beach area is nice but can get very crowded. There is a bathroom when you first arrive in Tulum but there isn't a changing area near the beach, so keep that in mind (we ended up just going in up to our knees and not dealing with swimsuits). Definitely recommend this tour if you want to see something cultural but don't want to make the big dawn-to-dusk Chichen Itza trip.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Dayton, OH
Sep 26, 2014
Lots of fun, very knowledgable guide, informative and impressive. I would highly recommend!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Apple Valley, CA
Aug 28, 2014
This was the fourth time that I have taken this tour. Everyone should see Tulum. Tour was easy to arrange. Needed more time sat Tulum this time, didn't have any time left to shop.
Score: Recommend: YES
from South Carolina
Aug 7, 2014
Seamless, transport from our hotel, great guide, easy and hassle free reservations online.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Chicago
Jul 6, 2014
The driver and tour guide were awesome!!!!
Score: Recommend: YES
from Albuquerque NM
Jun 16, 2014
Great guides. Very informative and knowledgeable.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Iowa
Mar 5, 2014
Our guide Ariel was excellent as he knew his history of the site and was more than willing to share his knowledge and answer any questions put to him. Him being a Mayan descendent added to the whole experience. The whole trip was well done and the site was well worth seeing and if we return to the area we will utilize your services again.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Sylvan Lake Alberta Canada
Feb 14, 2014
Very informative and the beach was an added plus
Score: Recommend: YES
from New York
Aug 11, 2013
Timing was perfect! Our tour guide was wonderful and very informative. Loved it!! Will go through Cancun Adventure again and will recommend it to friends like it was recommended to us! :)
Score: Recommend: YES
from Ft. Thomas, KY
Apr 17, 2013
Very informative, organized and fun trip!
Score: Recommend: YES
from London UK
Apr 11, 2013
Well run trip, with excellent and informative guide.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Horsham, England
Feb 10, 2013
This is a great tour to introduce you to Tulum.Our guide took us around on a tour and explained the important sites, then we had time to either go swimming or walk around on our own to take pictures.Ideal tour for your first day in Cancun,as it is not a full day tour and allows you to get used to the hot and humid climate.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Vista, CA
Jan 8, 2013
Beautiful Ocean views. Great information from the guide.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Evansville, IN
Oct 31, 2012
This was a fantastic trip. Worth every penny. The English speaking tour guide made it an even better experience. Gorgeous views and landscape with a deep history.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Saint Louis, MO
Sep 19, 2012
Tour guide was able to give us alot of history and information regarding the ruins. Comfortable transportation. Let us know about the restrooms and where to get something to eat and drink when we arrived. Had time to look around on our own.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Muncie, IN
May 26, 2012
This is a beautiful tour. Just the time to see the magnificent Tulum with a competent guide and then back to the hotel.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Belgium
May 14, 2012
Very educational. Had a great time
Score: Recommend: YES
from Alberta,Canada
Feb 24, 2012
I thought our tour guide (english) was EXCELLENT. He showed knowledge, passion about his culture, and answered questions clearly. Keep up the good work.
Score: Recommend: YES
from Vancouver, BC Canada
Nov 21, 2011
The Tulum Express tour was excellent. It's a great way to explore Tulum without having to spend an entire day there. The views of the Caribbean Ocean were breathtaking and we even had time to take a quick swim. I recommend that you wear your swimsuit under your clothes if you plan on going in the ocean, since there are no bathrooms or changing rooms near the beach.
Score: Recommend: YES
from San Diego, CA
Sep 28, 2011

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