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Celebrating 15 anniversary

Whatever your plan or company, this place gives you the chance to have incredible times.

Adventure, contact to nature, fun, mysticism and more await you in this amazing place.

Tourists who have the opportunity to visit this park can considere themselves privileged because it is a place of 82 kilometers of unique characteristics. Nature here is vast and exuberant, so far 28 cenotes have been found, of which 5 are open to the public and each offers one offers a different experience.

The cenotes of Dos Ojos Park

Jaguar, a cenote to enjoy from any angle. The open cenote Jaguar seems like a peacefull and beautiful lake, surrounded by abundant vegetation, which has platforms that allow diving from different heights, it’s an incredible place to spend a good part of the day exploring, swimming with snorkels and admiring the landscape from the aerial route that the zip line allows.

Nicte Ha, a natural swimming pool in the middle of the jungle. In Nicte Ha it seems that nature has gone swimming, the abundant aquatic vegetation, the capricious rock formations and the small fish that live in this paradise of jade colored water, are an inspiration for free diving with snorkeling, and, although it is a relatively small and shallow cenote, it is inevitable to feel like a mermaid or a triton and your underwater curiosity will never be satisfied. If you are looking for a peaceful walk with your family or friends, this is the ideal place.

Are you a traveller who likes adrenaline? wait, because we haven’t told you everything…

Dos Ojos, infinite subaquatic nature. Its name is due to the two circular bodies of water that this cenote has, exploring it requires skills for swimming and the use of intermediate and advanced snorkeling techniques to dive. Dos Ojos is actually one of the 10 longest underwater cave systems in the world, its length and depth seem to have no end, this place is the deepest cave in Quintana Roo at approximately 118 meters, the biodiversity in this place is amazing, here you can see a cave of bats, admire the nests of swallows, a great variety of butterflies, fish and underwater vegetation.

El Pit, a siblime underwater cave for diving. Until recently El Pit was an almost secret aquatic cavern, little knew of its existence and how to get there. Entry into it is recommended for experienced divers. To get there, you will have to make a 300-meter hike along uneven paths and once you arrive, you can go down a staircase or jump 6 meters into its crystal clear waters; It is the favorite place of many experienced divers in the world, the stillness of its intensely blue waters contrasts with the glare of the sun’s rays that manage to seep into the depth.

The ascent offers a majestic view, upon emerging, the divers are received by an impressive vaulted ceiling covered in stalactites.

Maya mistery, caverns full of misticism. Swimming in a grotto is already a unique experience, its flora and fauna, hardly reached by the sun’s rays, can be as enigmatic as imposing, the waters are cooler and the visibility decreasing as you go forward, so, what drives you to dive deeper? This cenote has the answer.

The experience of swimming and going on to see millenarian rock formations, sculpted drop by drop by time, which here seems to have stopped, fish seeking the stillness of fresh waters and beings with black wings fluttering, together is an experience you cannot miss.

In addition, this place has several services to make your stay even more pleasant and safe, such as: free parking, restaurant, rent lockers, showers, toilets, palapas[palm gazeebo’s], hammocks and bicycle rental services for hiking, massages, internal transport. The park schedule is from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. every day.