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If you are looking for an experience with extraordinary thrill, you cannot miss this experience!

Do not hesitate!, viewing and swimming with this enormous aquatic being is one of the best adventures you must live.

The whale shark, (Rhincondon Typus), is unique among it’s species and is considered the largest shark on our planet, reaching lengths of over 12 meters and average weights of between ten and 30 tons, as much as a small private jet plane. The back of it’s body has a grayish color with lines and white dots, for which it is also known as “checkerboard” fish (for the game board of Chinese checkers), or also “domino” fish.

A friendly and gentle giant

But nothing is what it seems because, although another of the unmistakable characteristics of this species is the flattened head and a mouth that can measure up to one and a half meters long, with which it could easily swallow a complete human, the diet of this giant consists mainly of plankton, crustaceans, small fish and squid.

This monumental, slow moving fish, is considered a pelagic animal, meaning that it swims in open water, but it can often be found near the coasts in the área that coral reefs form, where it can easily find it’s favorite menu. This allows for sighting and swimming around it without danger.

Getting to know the aquatic giant up close

Whale sharks do not have a fixed migration pattern, they move according to the abundance of warm water seas and can travel in small or large groups. They can travel to South Africa as well as to Australia or South America. In Mexico, fortunately, they can be found every year in the Sea of Cortez and in front of Isla Mujeres; In the surroundings of the Yucatan Peninsula, more than a thousand have been sighted!, Of which a few hundred approach the islands near Quintana Roo such as Contoy and Holbox.

The observation and swimming with the whale shark is possible, in a safe manner, with the authorized service providers, who not only take care of tourists, but also keep a contstant eye on the integrity of this beautiful and massive species, which is the reason that touching or feeding them is not permited.

Can you imagine swimming next to the world’s largest fish in a safe and fun manner? It’s one of the adventures that will give you the most excitement and fun! For further information visit the Whale Shark Snorkeling Tour

What should I consider if I want to swim with a whale shark?

If you wish to undertake this expedition to observe and swim with a whale shark, consider the following tips:

  1. Go with an authorized and experienced agency. Request precise data of the cost and services that are included. The tour must be done in a safe, comfortable and stable boat since the route from the nearest sightings can last from 40 minutes to more than one hour.
  2. Take dimenhydrinate tablets or an antivertiginous medicine that helps with dizziness. A high-UV Sunblock is also indispensable.
  3. It is more comfortable to do this activity in a one-piece swimsuit, and, of course, it is also important to bring goggles or a snorkel, a towel, a change of light clothes, a sun hat and sandals.
  4. The tour regularly includes meals, such as breakfast, since the trips are undertaken early in the morning.
  5. Usually you can be offered video and photography services, but it is also advisable to bring a Go Pro or an underwater camera.