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Celebrating 15 anniversary

Archaeologist, environmentalist, adventurer and night owl, at least these four personalities are essential to live Tulum to the fullest

There is a program of tourist recognition in Mexico called “Pueblo Mágico”, it is a denomination that national and foreign tourists take into consideration because it is a guarantee of encountering places that have history, legends, symbolic attributes, transcendent facts, daily life and magic, Tulum has it all, that’s why in 2015 it was named a “Pueblo Mágico”.

In Mayan language “Tulum” means wall, which seems to make sense because despite being a place that receives thousands of tourists a year, Tulum still retains a provincial air, full of natural and cultural riches that seem unexplored, as if a wall had protected it from the outside world.

How can you enjoy Tulum to the fullest?

Be an archeologist

Since you are going to visit the Mayan ruins by the sea and the temperature probably exceeds 28 degrees Celsius, you can switch the long loose pants for shorts and instead of boots wears tennis shoes, change the Indiana Jones hat for a magnificent woven palm hat of the region and wear a white cotton shirt, do not forget a magnifying glass and camera because we assure you that what you are about to see, will be surprising.

  • Tulum. It is estimated that this archaeological site next to the sea was built in 564 BC, the most important buildings are: the Palace, the Temple of the Descending God and the Temple of the Frescoes.
  • Cobá. This prehispanic Mayan site is located in the middle of the jungle, if you visit it, do not miss the opportunity to climb the Nohoch Mul Pyramid Observatory because you will be on the tallest Mayan building in the world.

Be an environmentalist

To experience this personality on your trip, you only need to connect with your surroundings, try to travel lightly, use biodegradable repellent and blocker and preserve the life forms that surround you.

  • The Biosphere reserve Sian Ka’an. 47 kilometers of coastline of semi-virgin beaches with turquoise wáter and white sand, that delimits with a thick jungle and almost half a million hectares of nature in perfect balance, have gotten this place declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987. The environment will plunge you into a state of wonder, relaxation and empathy with the nature that surrounds you. Explore and lose yourself among its cenotes, mangroves, sandbanks, dunes, turtle sanctuaries and “Petenes” which are groups of trees up to 30 meters high located in the wetlands with ecosystems almost unique in the world.
  • Eco-Park and Cenote Labnaha. This cenote is located in the middle of an exuberant jungle, in the Mayan language it means “The old temple in the water”, it is believed that these submerged caves used to serve as temples to practice religious ceremonies and even where only expert spelunkers have managed to investigate, this place connects through other underground caverns with another 40 cenotes. Due to the protection of its waters and its surroundings, only 20 visits per day are allowed. Book ahead of time here and secure your place to get to know this mystic cenote.

Biosfera de Sian KaanSian Ka’an biosphere reserve

Be an adventurer

The natural legacy of Tulum seems granted by divinities, in its varied ecosystems there is the possibility of doing as many activities as you wish, inside and outside its beautiful turquoise waters.

  • Tulum National Park. Whether you decide to make an expedition out to sea, or along the reef zone, or on land for its 664 hectares that encompass mangroves, cenotes and tropical forests, you will find experiences that will test your senses such as bird watching, hiking, turtle watching and the depth level of diving you prefer.
  • Magical Maya World. It is an ecotourism park where you can do kayak rides, zip-line descents on sacred lakes, snorkel in open cenotes and explore underground rivers, all under the supervision of qualified and professionally trained guides. You can choose different activities separately or in package with the buffet service, find out about the schedules and options here.

Be a night owl

Part of the of the everyday rest is to have pleasant experiences that make you stay awake until late at night, Tulum has exclusive places for you to spend the night between the best meals, drinks and party atmosphere.

  • To eat. There are different restaurants and places to eat, ranging from fast food with local products such as pizza and hamburgers with seafood, to gourmet exotic dishes made with wild boar or venison, and typical dishes of Mayan cuisine, such as “Tikin Xic” fish, Salbutes, Poc-Chuc and the famous “Cochinita al Pibil”.
  • To drink and have a good time. In bars and clubs there is a variety of beverages such as craft beers, national beverages such as tequila and mezcal and cocktails with local fame in different environments that offer live music, DJ’s or nocturnal shows.

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