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Garrafon Park at Isla Mujeres Cancun

Just 30 minutes from the paradisiac Cancun and just in front of its shores, you will find another small paradise where you can have an unforgettable day.

Natural Park of reefs Garrafón
At the South Point of Isla Mujeres is a natural park formed by cliffs, beaches and reefs bathed by the emerald color of the Caribbean Sea, this is where the first rays of the sun touch the national territory, so nothing better than to start your day of adventure and rest in this place.

There are more than a dozen attractions among places and activities to do here, what we suggest below is just a proposal to enjoy this park to the fullest for a whole day, but of course, everyone can put together their own adventure according to their company, the adrenaline you want to experience and the time you want to stay.

Very early to move from Cancun and to embark to Garrafon Park
Have a very light breakfast so that by 8:30 in the morning you are ready at the harbor, the place where the boats set sail for Isla Mujeres, the tourist marine transport normally arrives at the island after 40 minutes and they manage two schedules to return, choose the one that best suits your needs.

If you want to get the most out of this adventure we suggest you book a tour beforehand, that way you can leave as little as possible to chance, the contracted boats have travel times of less than 30 minutes and give a longer time to return. If you are interested, you can request information here about the different packages.

After sailing to Isla Mujeres we advise you to try a refreshing drink and go to the Information Module to request a map of the place. Organize with your family or partner what they most want to do and plan schedules for each thing.

We advise that the first thing you do in your day, is to venture in a Kayak to take advantage of the soft rays of the sun and reach the farthest point of this park which is Punta Sur, this is the highest part of the Yucatan Peninsula.

The sculptural park. Visiting this place at an early hour of the day is the most rewarding, here you can walk and take all the selfies you want, while you visit the exhibition of contemporary sculptural art, consisting of more than 23 works between Mexican and foreign artists of the Sebastian Foundation, which is one of the most recognized exponents of this current worldwide.

Vestiges of the Mayan temple to Ixchel. In the Mayan cosmogony Ixchel is the goddess of the moon and fertility, who was credited with healing powers, although the brackish wind and the tides have left their mark without a doubt, the vestiges of this time will leave you fascinated. The natives make a boat pilgramage every year from Cancun to this point in beautiful boats to carry out ceremonies and rituals in honor of Ixchel.

Back to Garrafón Park to swim and eat. The return trip in Kayak will be much shorter, soon you will be back to decide what aquatic adventure you want to begin, if you prefer a safe, shallow and relaxing place, we recommend swimming in the panoramic pool that is just in front of the waters of the Caribbean sea so the view is enviable, this place also has a waterfall and 35 meters length to come and go without any risk.

Garrafon Park Kayak activity

If you want something more adventureous we recommend swimming in the reef, there are hundreds of varieties of colorful fish that will hypnotize you underwater, few places like this in the world offer you the beauty of a multicolored reef setting in such a safe environment. Even if you have never practiced snorkeling it will be a very fun and safe experience, since there are very shallow areas and you can request a life jacket, with no more time limit than the one you choose.

Another unique aquatic adventure of this place, which is shorter, but no less exciting, is the swim with dolphins, or the zip line, to launch 30 meters above sea level. Ask about this experience in the park or find out about the different options to visit the Garrafon park here

In the middle of the fun it is necessary to stop and eat. In this place there is a great buffet restaurant called El Tamarindo, in which the quality of the food and the service will leave you with a good taste, or for an extra cost, you can choose more select dishes in the Acantilado Restaurant, it also has the Arrecife Snack Bar and Las Palmas Bar.

To end the day, a little relaxation.
Towards the evening it will be best to relax a bit while digesting, so we recommend a bike ride on the island, enjoying the hammocks and lounge chairs to appreciate the landscape, or if you wish, you can experience an invigorating session in the temazcal or take a walk through the Ojo Azul cave.

Isla Mujeres awaits you, with several options to spend a day that you will remember for years.